Broadways Stampings

“It’s a simple system, gives the reports you want. It’s easy to import into our payroll system. You don’t have to […]


“uAttend is quite simple to operate, understand and work with. It’s a good product, does what it says on the […]

Stella Maris Care Home

“There had previously been paper timesheets which were not always accurate and were an unreliable method for recording hours. It […]

Watkiss Automation Sales

Watkiss Automation Sales chose uAttend because,”The manual system always required a high element of trust that the figures entered are […]

Mind and Behaviour

“I do not have to worry about the logging of hours and wondering where I put the hours and who […]

Future Cleaning Services

“I like to use technology that makes things simpler for colleagues like the uAttend phone clocking in option, it’s easy […]

Gordena Home Care

“Managing hours used to take several hours a week and was a big headache. Thanks to uAttend we’ve eliminated human […]

Avon & Wessex Motor Factors

“uAttend has transformed the organisation of our busy team. There are no grey areas and our team works the hours […]

First Call Contract Services

Over 1,000 staff use biometric facial recognition terminals to clock in. “We’re constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve […]