Care Homes

Work in a care home? There’s really no such thing as a cute bug…

Caring, dedicated staff often work, even if they are feeling under the weather, but their bugs can be passed to both colleagues and clients. The trick is to stop the bugs coming into the work place in the first instance, so reducing exposure.

You can protect both your staff and clients and minimise staff sickness days with a clocking machine which has been especially designed with one purpose in mind: to reduce illness in the workplace. uAttend’s facial recognition machine, the uAttend DR2500, with a built-in temperature scanner is an absolute game-changer.

DR2500 Biometric Facial Recognition with Temperature Reader

Not only that, but the DR2500 is voice controlled – in other words, completely contactless. This makes it very hygienic, in addition to being infinitely more practical (no need to remove gloves or masks to clock in and out).

It is also extremely easy to use – simply select a temperature lockout threshold, for example 38 degrees Celsius, and, if one of your employees tries to clock in for their shift and is detected to have a temperature equal to or higher than the one you’ve chosen, they will not be able to do so. They’ll take whatever illness they are incubating back to their homes, rather than sharing it around your care home.

The DR2500 allows you to create the most hygienic workplace environment possible protecting both your residents and your staff – which let’s be honest, sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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