Why You Need Time and Attendance UK Software

Why You Need Time and Attendance UK Software

Tracking your UK employees time and attendance could seem unnecessary in today’s digital age.

After all, as long as the work is done, what does it matter?

Especially if you have employees working across a number of sites and locations – you don’t feel the need to spy, but do you want to know if employees are where they say they are?

What about break times. Five or ten minutes extra could be fine for one company, but for another, it’s not.

Working to a deadline, or paying for output? Time tracking suddenly seems less old-fashioned.

Knowing that your labour is the number one outgoing cost for businesses, surely ensuring your workforce is optimised and working the hours they are paid for is a must?

Why Do I Need an Attendance System?

To increase efficiencies.

Business departments in the UK are focused on improving workforce performance and driving organisational improvements and efficiencies.

But are your employees managing their time and attendance?

In a modern, dynamic workforce, time and attendance tracking is increasingly important to business leaders. They need to be able to:

  • Plan for optimal staffing
  • Demonstrate staff performance and motivation
  • Track and manage time and attendance of remote workers
  • Control absenteeism
  • Have a transparent view into employee performance
  • Monitor and analyse labour costs

And time and attendance data help them do this!

Your time tracking software will help your team to identify and account for the costs of their time. It will automatically capture work-time, pay, leave and time-off expenses and information.

Using your UK employees clocking data, the service can also generate detailed reports for you, providing details on absence, costs centres and much more.

Does my company need attendance software?

Legally. It’s complicated.

Although there is no UK law asking for workers time to be tracked, there are plenty asking for proof of Working Time Regulations etc.

In our experience, every business should have some sort of attendance software to cover all compliance issues in their sector and have peace of mind.

For health and safety reasons, Time and Attendance UK software can also help your business track the location of your workers. That means you can see if employees are on-site in times of emergency.

How Can I Start Using Time Tracking Software in the UK?

As time and attendance software is becoming more affordable and accessible than ever before, there are more and more tech-savvy businesses using it.

Starting an account with a time and attendance system such as uAttend couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is sign-up online and you will get instant access to your time and attendance account.

The uAttend App also comes free with all account subscriptions, meaning you can start tracking your employee hours instantly.

uAttend offers flexible pay-as-you-go monthly Time and Attendance UK pricing plans with no minimum contract. uAttend includes;

  • Unlimited UK helpdesk support
  • Online training
  • Software updates & feature releases
  • Lifetime warranty on all uAttend terminals.

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