Improve staff time timekeeping with uAttend

Why you need real time tracking

CCTV, vehicle trackers, fitness apps and social media are all ways in which we have become used to being tracked and monitored in the modern world. Sometimes for security, sometimes for health or social interaction reasons, they represent our growing acceptance that greater monitoring can be a benign force.

The workplace too is increasingly embracing monitoring technology to improve business performance – for many firms this means being able to replace manual monitoring processes with automated real time tracking of employees.

Far from a dystopian vision of surveillance, real time tracking can provide both employer and employee with a number of benefits. Automated time and attendance systems collect and process clocking-in data online, providing you with an easy-to-use real time dashboard 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Here’s why businesses need real time tracking:

  • Know who’s in and who’s out – at its basic, real time tracking allows employers to know who’s on site – which staff have, and haven’t, clocked-in for work – by employee, department or company-wide.
  • Pick up on staff lateness – you can set up email alerts if staff clock in late, or clock out early.
  • Sickness monitoring – you can be alerted straightaway when workers are off sick so that you can arrange cover for their work without delay. (Absence reporting can also serve as an early warning about potential health problems or low employee engagement so that managers can take action).
  • Lunchtime cover – you can monitor lunch and other breaks in real time to ensure that there is sufficient cover during those periods.
  • Roll call – real time tracking provides an ideal solution for fire roll call because it tells you exactly who’s on site. Essential for all businesses, it’s especially useful in sectors where health and safety is a major issue such as construction and healthcare.
  • More accurate decision-making – because authorised supervisors can track the real time picture they can respond to urgent client or customer requests based on accurate information.
  • Fine-tune your business – when job tracking is combined with real time tracking, you can see in real time the hours worked against specific jobs; this enables you to analyse, benchmark and optimize the way you deploy employees on jobs.

Real time tracking is another tool for businesses to increase efficiency and productivity. The immediacy of real time employee tracking means managers can stay on top of what’s really happening, as it happens. Although some say we’re in the post-privacy era, it’s nevertheless ethical to let know your workers know how the real time tracking system works and how it helps the business.

An advanced time and attendance system such as uAttend is cloud-based so there’s no software to install or upgrade. As well as PCs, the system can be accessed from smartphones and tablets meaning that managers can access real time dashboards anytime anywhere.  Once the system is up and running it’s simple to use, paperless and easily scalable to grow as your business does.

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