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Why would a cleaning business need clocking software?

A cleaning or facilities business could need clocking software for a host of reasons, but the number one we hear is the requirement to keep track of employees clocking in at different times on different sites.

Unless you are a cleaning business that takes care of one site only, having your employees darted around a host of locations while working is normal.

So how do you ensure your cleaners timekeeping, location, hours worked, labour costs and more? With a Time and Attendance system!

Whether you have a handful of cleaners or are a multi-national facilities business, time and attendance functionality is a vital tool for your organisation.

Why? Because it offers clarity. Clarity for your staff of where they are supposed to be. Clarity for managers to check staff updates without disturbing employees. And clarity for clients, who can check when the work was done, 24/7.

What functionality can deliver this?

  • Smartphone App & Phone Clocking – Single touch & reduce cost over multiple sites.
    You can also track geolocation, breaks and more via Smartphone App & Phone Clocking.
  • Timecards Report & Department Transfer – Cost Analysis
    See how many hours worked at each location, run reports on labour costs, absence and more.
  • Scheduling – Know where employees are meant to be working
    Easily set digital schedules, assigning cleaners to the locations needed weeks in advance. These schedules can be emailed to employees and clients.
  • Supervisor Access for Clients
    If your client wants to see how long your staff spent at their establishment, you can give them access to real-time data, without giving them power to change anything.

If this isn’t enough, you can also streamline your admin resources, as payroll data, overtime, absence and holiday functionality are all taken care of within a good T&A system.

uAttend by Chronologic

If you need an easy-to-use, cost-effective way of recording your cleaners’ site visits, uAttend can help!

uAttend not only has all the functionality a cleaning\facilities company might need from a T&A system but also offers:

  • Free setup
  • Free UK based support
  • Free system training
  • No contract
  • No hidden fees
  • 24/7 online help

Need to know more? Contact us to get your free tailored system demo.
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