Why Hospitality needs employee attendance management

Why Hospitality and Leisure businesses need T&A

What can a time and attendance system do for you?

Hotels, gyms, leisure sites, restaurants and the entertainment industry all have one thing in common – flexible labour.

Depending on the influx of customers, the number of employees needed will change, and depending on the number of employees, the amount you pay for labour will rise.

So how can you ensure you keep labour costs at a minimum, while still ensuring the best customer service?

A Time and Attendance System

With a time and attendance system, you will be able to fully optimise your labour force, meaning you know where they are, how much it will cost you, and have the data to make quick business decisions.

For example, you can digitally:

  • Schedule your workers in advance – Make sure the right people with the right skills are available, you set the number of waiters, personal trainers, chefs and more that you need, and have the shift slots all easily filled.
  • See Timecard Reports – Get instant cost analysis for your labour so you can offset the amount your venue made, to how much it costs and adjust appropriately.
  • Enable Multiple User Access (A&S) – You want to see the schedule, as does a manager, the workers and HR. Do this all digitally and say goodbye to printing weekly shifts.
  • Don’t pay for labour you don’t need – making workers clock in and out means you get data on the actual hours worked and not just what people say they work. Perfect for kitchen staff or busy leisure sites.

What our customers had to say:

Steve Brehaut, Kings Premier Health Club Director: “uAttend can provide reporting on employees time spent across a number of different departments. It has streamlined and enhanced the accuracy of our payroll system.”

uAttend by Chronologic offers cloud-based T&A software, so you know what’s going on across your locations, no matter where you are.

All data is real-time and available 24/7 via a browser or app and is scalable so you can move your uAttend pricing plan up or down to fit your business.