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uAttend user types

You’ve purchased (or are thinking about purchasing) uAttend. You know what you need to fix your employee optimisation issues and how many employees you want to clock in and out. But do you know what permissions each employee will have?

This is where uAttend user types come in.

With any uAttend account, you can assign a different status to its users. There are three types of users:




Admin has full control of the uAttend account including:

  • Adding or removing administrators
  • Adding supervisors
  • Adding employees
  • Setting Up Public Holidays /Annual Leave
  • Time Off Requests for Sickness, Time Off in Lieu, Maternity Leave, etc.
  • Adding Departments
  • Exporting Timecards
  • Creating Pay Periods
  • Running Reports
  • Managing the Smartphone App
  • Job Tracking

Supervisors are assigned departments they are responsible for. Depending on how the admin has set the preferences, supervisors can perform the following functions:

  • Adding and Archiving Users
  • Editing Employee Timecards
  • Editing Department Settings
  • Running Reports

Employees are arguably the most important people in the time and attendance system cog. Without their data, your system can’t work. Employees are, therefore assigned to departments and can perform the following functions:

  • Clocking in via time clock/web/smartphone app/touch-tone phone
  • Editing time cards (if permitted)
  • Clocking in for breaks and lunches
  • Viewing benefit hours, entering time-off requests, adding expenses, and tips (if permitted)
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