uAttend updates November 2018New uAttend dashboard


When logging into uAttend, you may have noticed that the uAttend dashboard has a new look. The fully customisable dashboard has some great new features to help Administrators and Supervisors manage employees straight from your uAttend home page:

Widget updates

  • We have updated the Missed Clockings Widget to allow you to quickly edit missed clockings in the current and previous pay periods, without having to navigate to individual time cards.
  • The Add Clocking Widget allows you to easily add clockings for individual or groups of employees. This feature is a great way to add time to uAttend for employees who are unable to clock themselves in and out, or as a back up for sites with intermittent internet connectivity issues. Admins and Supervisors are now able to use the Clocking Widget to move individual employees from one department to another (if Department Transfer is implemented).
  • A new addition is the On Leave Widget. This allows you to see which employees are absent today, either on Leave, on a Public Holiday, off Sick or taking Other Benefit Hours as approved.
  • Our Time Off Request Widget now gives you a detailed overview of Pending and Approved Time Off Requests, with the ability to edit, approve, decline or cancel them straight from the widget

Reporting updates

  • You are now also able to track the time off taken by your employees via our Time Off Report. The comprehensive options of the Time Off Report allows you to view hours itemised by: day, date range, department, employee, time off type and much more! Balances of benefit hours available to employees, as of the end of the current Pay Period , are also available. For full details of the new time off features and the options available, please see the uAttend online user guide.
  • Another new report, detailing Daily Overtime has also been added. The Daily Overtime Report will display the total number of regular hours (REG) and the total number of Overtime hours (OT1 and OT2) worked per employee and/or department for the selected date range.

A great new feature is the ability to manage Time Off Requests via email. Administrators and Supervisors can be set up to approve, decline or cancel all forms of leave straight from their inbox!

And, by popular customer demand, the Status Widget and Status Tab now display Break and Lunch clocks to help you easily view the current location of all employees.

If you have forgotten your username or login URL, you can find the answer to these and many other common support issues by checking out our online FAQs.

As ever, if you have any questions just get in touch with the Helpdesk team on  01761 410084 or email