uAttend Time and Attendance Features

uAttend Time and Attendance Features

When it comes to uAttend Time and Attendance Features, you could find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Why? Because all our new features are added automatically with 0 costs for you. That’s right – access to updates and upgrades in your system come free with your monthly subscription.

Best of all, you have nothing to do. We roll out all-new features on our end and you simply have to log in as normal to access them.

What time and attendance features do you need?

We understand the features you need can change sector to sector and business to business.

We do however believe there are a set of basic features needed to fully take care of your employee absence, payroll, scheduling and more. They include:

  • The ability to clock in and out using various clocking methods.
  • Being able to edit timecards and other employee data simply and accurately.
  • Geofencing/location tracking technology at the time of clocking.
  • Fire roll-call/ health and safety real-time attendance screens.
  • Payroll processing help – timecards, absence, overtime and rounding and grace…

uAttend includes all this and more.

uAttend time and attendance features

Additional important time and attendance features

New for 2021:

Temperature scanning report

Using the DR2500 Temperature Reader? You now automatically have access to the Temperature Report where you can see all employee temperatures at the time of the clock.

See more: 

2020 updates:

Utility Tool

Quickly enable your employees to clock with the web and smartphone app. Perfect for workers needing to operate remotely or on the go.

Find full instructions here.


The scalable and customisable scheduling feature allows you to plan your workforce quickly.

Say goodbye to missing roles, staff members and filling absences. With the scheduling feature, you can simply assign employees to a position once, create shifts, then drag and drop as needed.

Check out our video on Scheduling here:

uAttend Scheduling Video | uAttend How To | Using the Scheduling Feature

How do you decide on new features?

Although we can’t guarantee when new features will be released, or if they will at all, we do listen to customer feedback and pass any recommendations onto our development partners WorkWell technologies.

If you want to keep track of our newest released features, you can head over to our dedicated uAttend features page – here.

Company features

Making sure that your business software has the features you need is always important. But ensuring you’re working with a company that will include customer service is also just as important.

That’s why we’re proud to say that all Chronologic cloud-based T&A systems come with the following:

  1. Set-up
  2. UK-based support
  3. System training – tailored to your needs
  4. In-depth online help portal


  1. Contract
  2. Hidden fees
  3. Cost for updates & features when released


  1. 99.999% cloud-based availability
  2. Lifetime guarantee on terminals

To find more about uAttend check out our system time and attendance demonstration – Time and Attendance System Demo 2021 | uAttend by Chronologic

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