Harriet - uAttend Sales Team

Meet the uAttend team – Harriet

In this edition of meet the team, we’re looking at a true staple of the uAttend sales team – Harriet!

Anyone who has had a demonstration from Harriet will know what an absolute sweetheart she is.

Currently expecting her second child, she’s off on maternity leave soon, so it’s only right we let you get to know the person who helps your business succeed.

Read on to find out what she loves about the system and a cheeky noodle recipe.

How long have you been at Chronologic?

2 years, 5 months.

What is your favourite part of your job?

The friendly atmosphere and everyone feeling comfortable enough to be themselves.

What is the main thing customers love about uAttend?

How good our Support Team are.

I’ve been told many times how helpful and friendly they are.

What do you like about uAttend?

I like how clear everything is.

It’s very simple to use and to get the information you need.

Anyone can start using it from day one. Although we offer free training as part of your subscription, almost everyone (even the non-technical people) say how they can get started straight away.

When you’re not at work, what are your hobbies?

I love to read, mainly fantasy or Manga.

Meeting up with my friends each week to play board games, be it working as a team or figuring out who the traitor is. (Hmm, that’s just what an imposter would say!)

You will also find me watching anime. (Only subtitles here, no dubbing please)

Apart from Chronologic, where’s your favourite place in the world?

I’ve got a soft spot for Cornwall as it was a regular childhood destination with my grandparents.

Spain is another. Again, this is due to having fond memories there with my family. We moved out together for a time – grandparents and cousins included.

This picture is of the local lake in Spain – the town used to hold festivals near it, which was amazing to be part of as a child.


What’s something that you think customers should know about uAttend?

We don’t cold call. The team will only ever contact you if you have approached us first.

We’ll also always be honest with what we have to offer and won’t push a product you do not want or won’t work for your business.

As our resident potted noodle connoisseur* – tell us, what’s the best flavour?

Although not in a pot, I like Amoy Singapore curry noodles.

In a Wok, with a dash of oil, cook; chicken, peppers, spring onions and half a diced chilli.

Then throw in the noodles and add a bit of soy sauce.

Makes a simple but yummy stir-fry.

*For the record we’ve spotted Harriet eating noodles a few times – so the title might be a bit premature. If you really want to know, since being pregnant she’s all about the Sausage Rolls.