Add Clocking in uAttend

uAttend new features update – Add Clocking Widget

New – Add Clocking Widget

This new feature allows Administrators to perform a manual clocking for an employee or a group clocking for employees in a department without navigating to the specific employee’s time card.

Supervisors (managers) can only perform a manual clocking for the employees they supervise or a group clocking for the employees in the department they supervise.

Clocking types include:

  • InOut Clockings
  • Benefit Clockings
  • Break Clockings
  • Lunch Clockings
  • Job Clockings

Note: Job tracking must be enabled at the account and employee label for the Job clocking type option to display.

The Add Clocking Widget also displays active missed clockings in the current pay period and allows an Administrator to edit the employee’s missed clocking. Supervisors are only able to view and edit missed clockings for the employees they supervise.

Additional new features

Day change configuration options
Customers now have the ability to set the day change to occur any time between 5PM to 5AM.

Department transfer option
Customers now have the ability to enable department transfer when adding new employees to their uAttend account.

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