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uAttend makes payroll stress-free for Gordena Care Home

Gordena Care Home provide residential care for adults with learning difficulties and mental health issues in two care homes in Bristol. Cloud software system uAttend, is used to monitor the attendance of the care teams. uAttend has already saved Gordena Care Home time and money, they no longer have to manually check and reconcile hours or rates of pay which has led to savings due to a reduction in overpayments. They’ve now invested in a uAttend system for their second care home.

Gordena Care Home Line Manager Daniel Howick explains: “We employ sixteen part-time and full-time staff on a 24/7 basis across two different properties. Our former T&A system enabled time to be logged, but we still had to go through the hours manually and check the various rates of pay, which was a time-consuming exercise, and still allowed for overpayment or underpayment.”

Daniel continues, “We chose a uAttend system with biometric fingerprint machines for maximum security and accuracy. Initially we were a little dubious about whether the affordability of the system meant that it would work effectively, but we’ve been highly impressed. Now, when staff log in and out, the data is stored to a secure website. This means we can simply log in, whether we are in or out of the office, to see who’s on duty, to run reports or to manage the payroll.”

“Managing hours used to take several hours a week and was a big headache. Thanks to uAttend we’ve eliminated human error, saved ourselves money and managing wages has become stress-free, as we simply forward reports to our accounts department.

We were initially concerned about installation being a nightmare but uAttend was set-up and uploaded in around 30 minutes. We are now recommending the system to other care homes.”