Attendance tracking for recruitment agencies

Attendance tracking for recruitment agencies

Today we’re talking about Employee attendance tracking for recruitment agencies. Why? Because keeping track of staff on different sites, contracts and shifts can be a problem.

Businesses such as recruitment agencies can find it particularly challenging. Due to the number of staff involved, staff turnover and the need for client transparency and accountability.

Keeping track of your workers, And ensuring clients are happy is therefore paramount.

You need a time and attendance system

The need for Attendance tracking for recruitment agencies

A staffing recruitment agencies job is to find the best talent to fit a role for their client. And most businesses will agree that attendance and punctuality are important!

Especially if your agency is filling temporary roles looking for bums on seats. Anything from day labour to healthcare, businesses rely on temporary labour to fill last-minute spaces.

After all, we can’t have 100% attendance. Even if the nature of our work demands it.

If workers fail to meet their contract the recruitment agency won’t get the commission.

Keeping an accurate and reliable attendance sheet is the difference between how big your profit share is. 

Temporary employees also fall under the government’s regulations. So you need proof of compliance to working time hours, sickness and breaks.

Accurately keeping track of all this with a high volume of temporary staff, often across multiple sites with different clients, can be difficult. 

You need efficient, easy-to-use attendance tracking. 

Benefits of using an automated time and attendance system:

  •  Multiple site management – recruitment agencies can track staff for the entire duration of their contract. Plus! Clocking-in terminals are portable. Meaning multiple location use and moved around as contracts begin and end.
  •  Prevents time fraud – you can choose clocking-in options which discourage ‘time fraud’ or ‘buddy clocking’, useful when managers are not on the same site.
  • Site safety – the data collected about who’s on-site in real-time can be used for fire roll call in case of emergencies.
  •  Authorised shared accounts – recruitment agency and client can share access to the same staff time cards enhancing synergy between firms and streamlining workforce management.
  •  Monitors absences – the real-time dashboard shows if staff haven’t clocked in as expected. Recruitment agency managers can then take prompt action to provide replacement staff where needed. And have accurate information to tackle any persistent late offenders.
  •  Runs reports – the system can generate reports on hours and costs which is handy when billing clients.
  •  Exports data to payroll – timesheet data can easily be exported to your payroll software to save on manual reconciliation.
  •  Easy scaling – subscriptions to uAttend can be scaled up or down as employee numbers change, handy for the recruitment agency sector where staff numbers constantly fluctuate.

How our recruitment customers use uAttend:

uAttend is designed to enhance managed onsite contracts by accurately monitoring temps. Much simpler than other, particularly paper-based alternatives, it also costs a lot less.

MK Personnel provides staff to a Milton Keynes-based manufacturing firm, Broadways Stampings Limited. Broadways used to use swipe card clocking-in to keep track of its 210 employees. However, MK Personnel suggested they try uAttend. 

Broadways switched to using biometric fingerprint machines which are installed over two sites. Apart from simplicity and cost, another major advantage is that Broadways can access the uAttend account of its staffing agency. 

You can read more about this story here.

uAttend provides an excellent integrated workforce management solution to help recruitment agencies increase efficiency and achieve cost savings.

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