uAttend employee Scheduling

uAttend employee Scheduling feature now live!

Tracking employees is one thing, but being able to schedule when they should be in work and what resources you need to function at full capacity is a game-changer.

Thanks to its enhanced flexibility, scalability and customisability, every workforce can enjoy the joys of staff organisation, tracking and reporting in one system.

Best of all, the new uAttend scheduling feature comes at no extra charge!

Key benefits of Scheduling include:

  • Always know what’s going on – the Scheduling dashboard puts everything you need all in one place and is synced with your time clocks, so you’ll see who’s in, who’s out, and who’s on the next shift.
  • Keep employees in the loop – you can now notify employees of their shifts via email with the scheduling feature.
  • Same shift every week? No problem! Enjoy schedule repeatability. Fill in recurring positions every week with your scheduling shift templates.
  • Need to change something? you can edit, add and remove shifts to customise your schedule whenever you need to.

To see how it works you can view our handy ‘How To’ video– here.

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