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Mind and Behaviour recently chose uAttend to streamline and and improve their time and attendance.

One part of the organisation supports County Council staff in the youth work environment helping individuals address issues such as depression, conflict and general life transitions. The other part, Aero Medical Ambulance Service (AMAS) specialises in medical repatriations within the UK and Europe.

We asked Director Steven Hurrell to tell us why he chose uAttend.

“The main area that I got uAttend for is AMAS where I have 5-6 staff currently working with me. We had been using job sheets and old style writing hours down on start and finish. This was fine as a small size team but when we have a few jobs in different areas it is hard to ensure they have accurate hours recorded. I had a look around at various systems and the uAttend system looked simple to implement, set up and use.”

The system is easy to get into, put the basic profile in place and add the staff profiles. Also the system is web-based so there is no risk of losing the data should there be a computer error or hardware issue.”

Flexible clocking in

uAttend offers six different options for staff to clock in, biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID proximity terminals, phone, smartphone and web. Customers can choose to use one or any combination of clocking in methods. All the clocking in data is seamlessly collated by the uAttend system.

This clocking flexibility is very useful to Steven, “It has allowed me to give a few staff the mobile log in as they are generally picked up en route, others have the RFID Cards for speed as well as face profiles. Due to the various hours we work the RFID card means that they can always get logged in and out as needed. The system has allowed me to give the staff their log in by various methods, swipe cards, mobile and face ID making it as quick and simple as possible for them to log on.”

I do not have to worry about the logging of hours and wondering where I put the hours and who has done what, all is in one place and accessible by myself as admin from anywhere.”

Help and support

Steven has found the uAttend team helpful and supportive on the few occasions he’s needed them. “When I asked a question the team took their time to understand the issues and then to explain the resolution to get the problem resolved.”

The whole uAttend solution has given me a great deal of confidence and I can clearly see who’s in or out as well as the hours as they mount up.”

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