Improve staff time timekeeping with uAttend

Tricks and tips to improve your employees’ time management

In the modern workplace it’s all too easy to get distracted or neglect more difficult tasks. Effective time management is not only a vital tool that staff need to master, it is also a valuable life skill too. While businesses want to ensure that they are getting the most from their staff, learning how to make the best use of their time is also an important form of personal development for staff.

Gossipy chats, internet-browsing and general procrastination can prove a real temptation for some, but others may simply lack the skills to organise themselves to make the best use of their time. Naturally some workers will be better able to manage their time but others could benefit from a little guidance. As an employer it’s a good idea to consider how you can help – here are our tips and tricks on improving your employees’ time management:

  • Staff training – make effective time management a routine part of your staff training or induction. Clearly explain the processes you expect employees to follow so that they know what is expected of them. You can motivate your employees by letting them know that working in the most effective way makes a difference to their performance and therefore their promotion and earnings potential.
  • Prioritisation – train your staff to prioritise their tasks according to their role and the needs of your business. When they start their day, how do they know what they should be doing that day? Do they know what their goals and deadlines are? Employers who are clear about these aspects will encourage a culture where staff can make the best use of their time.
  • Delegation – employees who line manage others should be encouraged to delegate work where appropriate. Some managers find this particularly difficult but distributing tasks to others in their team can mean that tasks will be completed faster and perhaps even bring fresh insight and new approaches.
  • Procrastination – we’ve all been there occasionally but serial procrastinators really need help. Indecisive staff or those who take time starting a task are not doing a business any favours. Psychologists say that procrastination can be the result of a fear of failure or of being too much of a perfectionist. Here line managers need to change behaviour patterns by encouraging the drawing up of ‘to do’ lists, with projects broken down into manageable chunks and with goals and deadlines. It is important to keep communicating with these employees and give them positive feedback where possible.

Ultimately employers need to judge whether the best use is being made of one of their most valuable resources – their staff. A smart and simple time and attendance system such as uAttend is an effective way of knowing the hours being worked and when projects are started and finished. Business tools like uAttend are the smart way to help employers spot any problems and any potential performance issues. It’s a great starting point to make sure your business is meeting its goals.

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