Transform Your Team’s Punctuality with uAttend

Transform Your Team’s Punctuality with uAttend

Everyone is late to work occasionally due to travel disruptions, a family emergency, or other extenuating circumstances. However, if an employee is chronically late, this can cause issues not just for your business but also for your team. It can lower morale and productivity, disrupt work schedules and cause a bottleneck of tasks. This is where time and attendance systems come into their own, as they help make employees more aware of their arrival time and provide you with accurate data.

Boosting Productivity and Maximise Punctuality

Late arrivals cost the UK economy £9 billion a year1 and throws operations off track. uAttend’s time and attendance system provides a streamlined solution to this problem, thanks to real-time clocking and the rounding and grace feature. Which enables you to set clear expectations and create an environment that encourages adherence to set schedules. 

Unlock Insights and Support Your Team

Implementing a time and attendance system also helps you detect underlying issues affecting employees, such as physical and mental ill health and personal problems. You’ll be able to identify this if, for example, employees suddenly start clocking into work late when they don’t have a history of doing so. This allows you to have the appropriate conversations and ensure the right support is in place for that individual.

In conclusion, introducing a time and attendance system can help you combat lateness in your team by making them more aware of their arrival time and by implementing appropriate rounding and grace rules encouraging them to turn up on time. It also allows you to identify employees who may be experiencing a hard time and put support in place.

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