Traditional time clocking vs. cloud-based subscription models

When New York jeweller Willard Le Grand Bundy patented his mechanical time clock in 1890 it was hailed as state of the art. At last there was a way for employers to track the hours worked by their employees without a clerk manually ticking them in. However, let’s be honest – over a century later, traditional time clocking is now looking more than a little antiquated.

Traditional time clocks mean fiddling around with time cards, replacing ink ribbons and manually calculating the payroll. Not ideal for today’s busy employer or human resources department! Developments during the 20th century led to electronic and computer-based methods of tracking time and attendance. Then ‘cloud computing’ came along and offered a ready infrastructure for new and better time and attendance systems. Cloud computing allows you to access and manage your data via the internet, which is stored securely on remote servers rather than clogging up your computers.

Cloud-based time and attendance systems such as uAttend offer an employee attendance management system which collects and processes real-time clocking in data online. Rather than buying software and user licences which you then have to install on PCs,  simply set up your account and subscribe to our service. View and manage data using PCs, tablets, Macs and smartphones.

Once you’ve subscribed, it works like this – your employees clock-in using one of a number of ways which you can choose from – swipe card, proximity fob, biometric fingerprint or facial recognition clocking in terminals, web, phone or free smartphone app. Their clocking in data is recorded and can be viewed online by you or any number of nominated managers or supervisors.

More advantages of our cloud-based software for keeping track of your staff:

  • Clocking in terminals are literally plug-and-play out of the box.
  • Cloud-based solutions mean that system updates are done by us remotely, you don’t have to do anything – no IT hassle!
  • Cloud-based solutions mean that data is accessible from virtually any device with an internet connection – especially useful for remote or mobile supervisors or employees.
  • The clocking in data is easy to import into your payroll system which significantly speeds up and increases the accuracy of payroll processing – no time lost with manual data entry!
  • Our cloud-based system even allows staff to request holidays and other absences which means businesses can manage holidays, sickness and overtime more efficiently.
  • Our cost-effective monthly pricing plans involve no tie-in period or contract. You can stop and start uAttend as projects stop and start, or scale pricing plans up or down if you have seasonal staff. This is all managed via your online account.

We’ve come a long way from paper cards being time stamped. A cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere. uAttend offers a real time, time and attendance solution which is accurate, cost effective and reliable.