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Time & Attendance during Coronavirus

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With the UK’s chief science adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, stating that self-isolation will have the most significant impact in the fight against coronavirus, many businesses across the UK will feel the strain of Time and Attendance issues in the coming weeks.

According to government plans published, as many as one in five staff could be off sick at the same time if the Covid-19 coronavirus takes hold in the UK. For office workers, or workers able to work from home, employers face the task of trusting employees to work unsupervised or pay £94.25 Statutory Sick Pay per week plus other benefits.

Tracking Time & Attendance Could Combat Business Loss During Coronavirus Quarantine:

Using a cloud-based Time and Attendance system, businesses can track employee hours, sickness, absence and more, without the need for software installation or hardware. uAttend is perfect for situations where you need to work from home as it automates employee’s attendance paperwork to be easily exported to payroll software.

The system is available 24/7 and most importantly, can track employees are working, thanks to geofencing locations during clocking. Best of all, you can use our mobile app to clock at no extra cost! The mobile app is for individual use only and a great tool to help keep Covid-19 from spreading when clocking.

You can also use the uAttend web portal from any internet-connected device. With the portal, employees can clock and request time off, and admins can approve timecards, schedule employees and much more.

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