Key features

uAttend is the smart, affordable cloud-based time and attendance system. As it’s all ‘in the cloud’ there’s no software to install or update, simply sign up for an account and log in. uAttend does everything you need in an attendance system – and more!

uAttend key features dashboard

Fully scalable, the system can grow with your organisation, or expand and contract if you have seasonal workers or projects starting and finishing. There’s no contract tie-in.

Utility tool

Temperature scanning report

When using the uAttend DR2500 Biometric Facial Recognition with Temperature Reader to clock your employees, you will automatically have access to the new Temperature Report where you can:

  • See all clockings made with the unit and the employee temperature at the time of clock.
  • Clearly view workers that failed to clock due to maximum temperature lockout.

Utility tool

Utility Tool

With the new Utility Tool, you can quickly enable your employees to use the web and smartphone app to clock from the office or home.

  • Any Administrator can easily set up your employees to work remotely.
  • All you need is your Company ID and Admin Username & Password.

Find full instructions here



You can now use our flexible, scalable, and customisable scheduling feature at no extra charge!

  • Setup is easy - our Scheduling wizard will guide you through the process every step of the way.
  • Always know what's going on - the Scheduling dashboard puts everything you need all in one place and is synced with your time clocks, so you’ll see who’s in, who's out, and who's on the next shift.
  • Intuitive scheduling - There's no need to re-enter employees into the system to use the feature. Simply assign them a position, create shifts, then fill as needed.
  • Same shift every week? No problem! Enjoy effortless schedule repeatability. Just fill in the recurring positions every week and uAttend does the rest.
  • Need to change something? you can edit, add and
    remove shifts to customise your schedule whenever you need to.

Clocking in

  • We offer a choice of clocking in options including biometric and RFID terminals (exclusive to uAttend), plus web, phone and smartphone app.
  • All employee clocking in data feeds into one online account and can be viewed and managed through the easy-to-use website.
  • Real time dashboards: Managers and supervisors can see immediately who’s in and who’s not by employee, department or company-wide.
  • View and print individual timecards and email to employees.
  • Supervisors and managers can approve timecards online and by email.
  • Get email alerts if staff clock in late (or out early).
  • uAttend administrators can assign ‘supervisors’ to departments who can view, edit and archive employee profiles, view timecards and run reports.

uAttend payroll report


  • uAttend automates the gathering and processing of accurate data for payroll.
  • View payroll summary reports.
  • Easy to export to a wide range of payroll software including Sage, Paychex and QuickBooks.
  • Keep track of employee’s expenses and tips.
  • Set multiple pay periods – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Choice of clocking rounding options.
  • You can deduct time for lunch breaks and add paid breaks for departments.
  • Sample CSV payroll export

Employee holiday sickness absence tracking

Holidays, sickness and absence

  • It’s easy for HR or line managers and supervisors to manage and approve holidays online. Requests can also be approved, declined or canceled by email.
  • The On Leave Widget lets you see which staff are absent in real time, either on leave, on a public holiday, off sick or taking other approved absence.
  • Employees can request holidays and other absence online.
Managing time-off requests
uAttend supports requests for holiday, sickness, public holidays or “other” hours.

Employees can log into uAttend and request the dates and hours they would like to book off. A manager or admin will receive an email notification with the dates and hours the employee would like to book off. The notification also shows a list of employees who are already recorded as off on those dates.

From the email or your uAttend cloud account you can accept or decline the holiday request. If you accept, the employee receives an email letting them know their booking has been accepted and the hours will be assigned to the relevant timecard. If you decline the request, the booking will be automatically removed and the employee receives an email declining the request.

The Time Off Request Approval feature is available in the Admin Dashboard of your uAttend cloud account

NB: Balances of Benefit Hours shown in the Notifications are as of today.

Detailed reporting on Benefit Hours is available in the uAttend Time Off Report. This report allows users to view hours itemised by: Day, Date Range, Department, Employee or Time Off type. For example you can select the holiday year and see all the hours that have been booked off, who approved them and the total balances.

  • Track holidays, sickness and other absence.
  • Sickness and holiday totals can be viewed on employee timecards.
  • Let employees view hours worked, holidays and sickness online. Staff timecards can be sent to them by email.
Sickness tracking
If an employee is unwell, they can apply for a sick day or sick pay in the same way they would request holiday – using the Time Off Request feature.
Alternatively, managers and supervisors can log into uAttend and see who’s currently not clocked in, in real time. If an employee is known to be off sick, the manager can go to the employee’s account and add ‘Sick Hours’ directly to their timecard.

If you pay sick, you can add the full or part entitlement in hours. If you do not pay sick, you can note an unpaid sick day.
You can also add a printable note to entries to provide an audit trail for each reason for absence.

uAttend time and attendance reports


  • A payroll summary report can be exported directly from uAttend to a range of payroll systems.
  • Track time off taken by staff in the Time Off Report. You can view hours itemised by: day, date range, department, employee, time off type and more.
  • The Daily Overtime Report displays the total number of regular hours and the total number of overtime hours worked per employee and/or department.
  • Job tracking – the job hours report shows the hours worked against specific jobs for a particular time period.
  • Expenses.
  • Tips.
  • Shifts.

You can set appropriate uAttend access levels for colleagues including edit, view only, by department, etc.

All data is held securely on AWS (The Amazon Cloud). See FAQs for details.

Our friendly UK helpdesk team is only a phone call or email away and is all part of your monthly subscription – not extra. There’s extensive online help too.

Find out more

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uAttend has transformed the organisation of our busy team. There are no grey areas and our team works the hours we pay them for with uAttend managing the staff hours. My only question now is why hasn’t everyone got uAttend? It’s a must!

Kevin Chard

Managing Director
Avon & Wessex Motor Factors