How uAttend's time and attendance system works

How uAttend Works

Introducing uAttend’s Cutting-Edge Attendance Solutions

uAttend is a market-leading cloud-based employee time and attendance system.

How uAttend works is by collecting employee hours digitally, at the source, then processing this data in real-time. Employee attendance info is then available 24/7 on your easy-to-use uAttend account.

Tracking employee hours will not only speed up and increase the accuracy of payroll processing. But you can also manage holidays, sickness, overtime and scheduling – all in our smart system.

  • Automated Clocking: Employees clock in/out using biometrics, PIN codes, or mobile apps for accurate, tamper-proof tracking.
  • Real-Time Data: Provides real-time attendance and hours worked, accessible from any internet-connected device for immediate oversight.
  • Rounding Rules: Implement customisable rounding rules to standardise time tracking and ensure consistent payroll calculations.
  • Holiday Tracking: Leave the number crunching to uAttend. The system automatically keeps track of each employee’s accrued and remaining holiday days, making it a worry-free experience.
  • Accurate Payroll Integration: Seamlessly integrates with payroll software, automatically calculating hours worked to reduce wage errors.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: Managers can easily create and adjust schedules, with automatic shift notifications sent to employees.
  • Environmental Efficiency: Designed to be energy-efficient and produce less waste, reducing environmental impact compared to traditional systems.
Right time attendance system for your business

What you Need to Know About uAttend

uAttend is easy-to-use and accurate

1. Say goodbye to timecards and spreadsheets. No need for any manual data entry or processing, it’s all done for you by the uAttend software. Your employees simply clock in using one of our many different methods, and we process the data automatically, giving you actionable insight with 0 fuss.

2. There’s no software to install.

We repeat – no software to install.

You don’t need an IT tech to use the system, just an internet-connected device. There are no upfront costs, and if you have an issue, our UK based support team are on hand to help.

3. Along with the bonus of no downloads or infrastructure costs, clocking in data is all stored and processed securely in the cloud. You’ll enjoy 99.999% availability and security peace of mind.

4. It scales with you. We can handle any number of employees and locations. So if you get unexpectedly bigger, or need to cut back on labour, you know you’ll only pay for what you use.

5. Access anywhere. Flexible working might be your cup of tea, or you could have employees on the move. Managers and supervisors can log in to their uAttend online account from anywhere using PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. That’s a time and attendance promise – data 24/7, 365 days a year.

6. Getting started is easy, and there are no contracts or minimum terms. It’s a PAYG system giving your business ultimate control.

Key uAttend features

uAttend gives you all the features and tools you need in one smart package:

  • Clock in a few to thousands of employees and sites
  • Track holidays, sickness and other accruals
  • Export payroll reports to payroll packages including; Sage, Paychex and QuickBooks
  • Real-time dashboards show immediately who’s in (and who’s not)
  • Scheduling – make sure your business is staffed correctly
  • Automated reporting – see the data you need 24/7

As a uAttend by Chronologic customer, you will benefit from:

  • Free set-up
  • UK-based support
  • System training – tailored to your needs
  • In-depth online help portal
  • No contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Free updates & features when released
  • 99.999% cloud-based availability
  • Lifetime guarantee on machines

Clocking in with uAttend

Unlike other cloud-based time and attendance systems, uAttend offers a range of clocking in options that can all be mix ‘n matched. You can choose one or a combination of clocking in options to suit the way your business works.

Clocking in with machines: Options include biometric fingerprint and face recognition; temperature scanning units, RFID swipe cards and proximity fob. Choose from either wired (plugged into your network) or Wi-Fi. Find out more

Phone and smartphone clocking: The free uAttend App is available to download for both iPhone and Android and gives your employees their own personal clocking device. Workers can clock in and out, track breaks, transfer departments, request holidays and more – all from the App! Smartphone app clocking

Alternatively, using a traditional calling method with geolocation tracking gives greater flexibility if you have staff on-site.

Employee Self-service web clocking: Using a PC, Mac or tablet, employees can clock in remotely, request holidays and view timecards. Web clocking in

If you want to take advantage of free web, phone and smartphone clocking, you can set up your online account now and get started. Just choose the pricing plan which corresponds to the number of staff you want to clock in, create an online account and pay for the first month.

Moving forward, payment will be taken monthly by debit or credit card (there’s no tie-in or contract period). If you want to use a clocking in machine, it’s best to set up your online account when your new machine arrives. Prices start at just £17.99 per month and include 9 employees! View pricing plans

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