Clocking in with phones and smartphones

Customers with employees working on remote sites find phone and smartphone app clocking particularly useful and cost-effective. Organisations using uAttend phone clocking include cleaning, on-site maintenance companies and carers making home or other site visits.

phone clocking in

If employees need to be in a specific place at the same time each week the uAttend system can email you if things don’t quite go to plan – you can set up alert emails, for example for early or late clocking in and out, or if an employee forgets to take a required break. You’ll be able to check online 24/7, 365 days a year to see who’s clocked in (and where they are) using a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

How staff clock in and out

You select which employees can clock in by phone (and web) through your uAttend online account.

To clock in or out on the phone employees either access their free smartphone app or use a standard touch-tone phone and dial the uAttend freephone clocking number. Landline phone clocking costs 3p each time an employee clocks in or out, the smartphone app is free.

Telephone clocking in

To clock in or out staff dial the freephone number and follow the voice prompts to enter:

  • Your company identification number.
  • Their PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  • A department or location identifier.
  • Once staff are used to the process they can enter the details within 15 seconds. They don’t have to wait for the voice prompts, they can enter a ‘#’ after each entry to move quickly on to the next option.
  • Once complete they’re told that they’ve clocked in or clocked out – easy!

The telephone numbers that employees can clock in from can be set up in the system to stop abuse. Caller Line Identification (CLI) shows the phone number used to clock.

Try a test phone clocking now:

Call: 03333 446444, wait for a reply then enter Company Number: 27960#, PIN: 1010#, Department : 85803#

Smartphone app clocking in

After downloading the free smartphone app onto their smartphone, employees follow exactly the same steps as those clocking in with a phone.

Smartphone clocking comes with additional features, staff can use the smartphone app to:

  • Clock in and out having chosen a department (or location or site) into which they are clocking.
  • Leave a note for the administrator if they want to.
  • Check their clocking in record using the timecard feature.
  • Edit their timecard if you choose to let them, including adding annual leave and booking doctor’s and dental appointments.

Supervisors can also use a smartphone to see who’s clocked in right now, as well as look at employee timecards and clock in groups of employees if they are a gang leader or foreman.

Geolocation tracking for smartphones

The uAttend free Android or iPhone smartphone app is downloaded on to each phone which will be used to clock in remotely. The uAttend administrator then enables smartphone clocking through the main uAttend online account for each staff member using the app.

Administrators can choose to:

  • Set the clocking as ‘global’ which records the actual geographical position of the employee clocking in wherever they are in the UK, (this is useful if you have service engineers out and about for example), or around the world.
  • Set a fixed UK location (or locations) and an optional ringfencing* clocking radius within which an employee can legitimately clock in. If the employee attempts to clock in outside the specified ringfenced radius they physically can’t until they’re within the location parameters set.

The employee simply uses the free smartphone app to clock in remotely, (the app doesn’t track their every move just the clocking in / out location). When they’ve finished they clock out again using the app – easy!

Managers and supervisors can click on the timecard edit link in uAttend which shows where employees have clocked in from, whether it’s a global or UK fixed / ringfenced location.

* Please note that the uAttend geolocation ringfencing tracking option is only available in England,  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



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Future Cleaning Services use uAttend time and attendance

“I like to use technology that makes things simpler for colleagues like the uAttend phone clocking in option, it’s easy for them to clock in and out. We know where they are because the system only recognises designated phones.”   See case study 

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IT Support Manager
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