New Smartphone clock in and out app

Smartphone clock in and out app

How the uAttend smartphone clocking in and out app works

The uAttend smartphone clock in and out app is a quick and accurate way to track employee attendance on remote sites or when they're on the move. The mobile clocking app records clockings and clocking locations, (you can even ring fence the locations if you choose the Geolocation option). Employees are not tracked at all times, only when they clock, which means particularly if they are using their own phones there are no issues about privacy.

To enable smartphone clocking, uAttend system administrators select the option for each employee you want to mobile phone clock in your uAttend online account.

To use the clock in and out app, staff simply download the free uAttend iPhone or Android app on their phone and use your Company ID and the Username and Password allocated to them to clock in.

Please Note that the uAttend app requires that Location Services are enabled on the Employee's smartphone

The uAttend mobile clocking system comes with additional features. Staff can use the smartphone app to:

  • One Touch Clock in and out having chosen a department (or location or site) into which they are clocking.
  • Alternatively, clock into a department, or location or site, for detailed cost centre reporting.
  • Leave a note for the administrator if they want to.
  • Check their clocking in record using the optional timecard feature.
  • Clock for breaks and meals.
  • Request time off and see previous requests.

Supervisors can also use a smartphone to see who's clocked in real time, as well as to look at employee timecards and if they are a foreman or supervisor, Group Clock selected employees.

Geolocation tracking for smartphones

When setting up the permission for mobile phone clocking, geolocation can also be set.

Administrators can choose to:

  • Set the clocking as 'global' which records the actual geographical position of the employee clocking in, wherever they are in the UK, (this is useful if you have service engineers out and about for example). Or around the world.
  • Set a fixed UK location (or locations) and an optional ringfencing* clocking radius within which an employee can legitimately clock in. If the employee attempts to clock in outside the specified ringfenced radius they physically can’t until they’re within the location area set.

The employee simply uses the free smartphone app to clock in remotely, (the app doesn’t track their every move just the clocking in / out location). When they’ve finished they clock out again using the app – easy!

Managers and supervisors can view Employees' clocking locations, whether it's a global or UK fixed / ringfenced location, via Timecards and Reports in the uAttend portal.

* The uAttend geolocation ringfencing tracking option is only available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Getting up and running with the uAttend mobile attendance system is simple

  1. Choose the monthly pricing plan for the number of employees you want to clock in.
  2. Follow the simple set up instructions, (if you need help, there’s online resources and access to the friendly UK helpdesk (which is part of your monthly subscription – not an extra)
  3. Alternatively, contact us to arrange a complimentary, online training session and we will work with you to make sure your uAttend attendance system works the way you want it to.

If you are looking for information about uAttend landline phone clocking click here.

Any questions, or if you’d like an online demo to see how clocking in with uAttend could work for you, call 01761 410015, email us, or click the chat icon.

uAttend supports us in managing staff across all our businesses. The system helps us segregate staff by department, making it easier for us to run reports for payroll and record data for cash flow etc.

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