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Three Ways A Time and Attendance System Can Boost your Bottom Line

uAttend Time and Attendance Guide

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What is time and attendance?

Time and attendance is when an employer tracks and monitors when employees start and stop work.

By monitoring working hours, employers can also gather data on labour costs, lateness, time theft, time taken on breaks, holiday management and more.

Time and attendance can be gathered manually (via paper timesheets which can be lost or incorrect), or by digital methods, such as uAttend by Chronologic, a cloud-based time and attendance system.

What do I get with a uAttend subscription?

uAttend by Chronologic is a monthly time and attendance system subscription designed to turn your employee clocking data into actionable insight for your business.

We offer our software as a cloud-based subscription so that you don't have to invest in any expensive hardware or IT costs. Everything is ready to go from the moment you sign-up,

As well as our free clocking methods (Smartphone and Web) you’ll have access to a host of functionality as standard with your subscription, such as:

  • Attendance tracking - via 6 different clocking methods
  • Automated payroll data - including your overtime and pay rate calculations
  • Employee scheduling - easily plan shifts, roles, employee numbers and more
  • Reporting - know your labour costs, absence and holiday figures
  • Holiday management - request and approve time-off through the system
  • Data exports - payroll, reports, timesheets and rotas
  • And more

What are the benefits of time and attendance?

Streamline time and attendance payroll processing

uAttend takes the pain out of payroll. It's easy for supervisors to check and approve online timecards. There's a clear audit trail to see who edited and OK'd them. It's a simple one-click .CSV payroll report export to your payroll provider's software, payroll export is compatible with most payroll software systems.

Capture accurate staff attendance data

uAttend offers six easy ways to clock in, including our robust biometric fingerprint readers which prevent staff 'buddy clocking' and our new facial recognition temperature scanners, which help keep your workforce safe. You can also track remote workers with our free smartphone geolocation clocking app. Accurate clocking data means fewer staff queries about hours worked, and a reduced wage bill!

Stay on top of staff holiday, sickness and other absence

You and your employees can keep on top of holidays taken, sickness and other absence. Managers and supervisors can view individual sickness and holiday totals on employee timecards. Holidays can be requested by staff online and approved or declined by managers online. The On Leave widget shows you who’s absent in real-time and why.

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