Time and Attendance Tracking with uAttend Clocking in Machines

Time and Attendance Tracking with uAttend Clocking in Machines

Discover the Versatile Features and Benefits for Modern Workplaces

I’d love to introduce you to the incredible benefits and features of our uAttend clocking in machines. These machines simplify your life by effortlessly tracking time and attendance, and they offer a range of fantastic features you’ll truly appreciate.

  1. Versatile Options for Your Needs: We offer a diverse range of clocking in machines, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your preferences and requirements. Furthermore, whether you favor biometric fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or the traditional RFID cards and fobs, rest assured that we have your needs covered.
  2. Touch-Free Facial Recognition: Our Facial Recognition Clocking In Machines are truly remarkable. Furthermore, in today’s world, their touch-free operation is particularly vital. Additionally, they offer convenient voice control options, ensuring a seamless clocking in experience. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to utilise your face, RFID cards, or a PIN for enhanced security. Moreover, these machines are equipped with advanced features such as temperature control and department transfers, making them an ideal choice for contemporary workplaces.
  3. Precise Biometric Fingerprint Technology: For those who prioritise precision, opting for our Biometric Fingerprint Clocking In Machines is the ideal choice. Moreover, they offer both wired and Wi-Fi connectivity options, ensuring a constant connection. Furthermore, even in the event of an internet outage, we provide a safety net with offline clocking functionality. In addition, features like break and lunch clocking, along with the availability of PIN and RFID backup options, further enhance the accuracy of your time records.
  4. Streamlined RFID Proximity Clocking: Our RFID Proximity Clocking In Machine is intentionally designed with simplicity in mind. To begin, simply swipe your RFID card or fob, and you’ll be instantly clocked in. This feature is particularly advantageous for new employees due to its straightforward setup process. Moreover, in cases where the connection may be unreliable, this machine seamlessly accommodates offline clocking. Additionally, it offers backup options such as PINs and verbal confirmations, ensuring you have the assurance of successful clocking at all times.
  5. Convenient Accessories: To further enhance the efficiency of your system, we provide a range of accessories, including Swipe Cards, Fobs, and Racks. These accessories are particularly beneficial for companies facing high employee turnover. Furthermore, they are not only user-friendly but also reusable, allowing for cost-effective solutions. Additionally, for added convenience, they can be easily attached to keys or stored in a wallet.
  6. Outstanding Support and Warranty: We recognise that embracing new technology can often be an intimidating process. Hence, we provide an active uAttend Subscription that includes FREE system training, ensuring you are well-prepared for the transition. Moreover, you’ll receive continuous support from our friendly UK-based helpdesk to address any queries or concerns that may arise. Additionally, to instill further confidence in your investment, all our clocking machines are accompanied by a lifetime warranty.

So, that’s it! Our uAttend clocking machines brim with features, streamlining your time and attendance tracking. Whether you prioritise convenience, precision, or versatility, we offer a solution that suits you perfectly. Bid farewell to manual timekeeping headaches and embrace the future of clocking in with uAttend!

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