Time and attendance system

Not sure how to manage your manufacturing workforce?

It’s really a piece of cake.

Manufacturing is a fast-paced industry. Materials, machines, people and ideas all move very quickly, with production cycles often running around the clock and employees working all manner of shifts, often in more than one location.

And in a world that moves so fast, every minute counts.

So does every penny.

Adopting a new time and attendance system as a way of better managing your workforce may seem like a complicated, daunting or even costly step, but the truth is, it’s none of those things. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

And besides, if there’s one thing the manufacturing industry doesn’t shy away from, it’s change.

Just like everything else, tracking and managing workers has come a long way from traditional clocking methods. And just as well, when there are so many legal regulations you need to keep up with nowadays. Managers need to be able to access accurate data 24/7 and, more than ever before, employees also want to feel greater autonomy when it comes to accessing their information (timesheet, holiday calendar, shifts, etc.)

With a clear and easy format, uAttend by Chronologic offers you the possibility to:

  • Track employees’ attendance – with a choice of 6 different clocking methods (biometric fingerprint, facial recognition, swipe cards / fobs, phone, web and smartphone).
  • Access real time data of who is in, who is out and where they clocked in – to ensure they are exactly where you need them to be.
  • View timecards by department or location – to see your labour force in real time.
  • Plan shifts, including break rules and lunch deductions, making sure you comply with paid break legal regulations.
  • Manage holiday requests – employees fill out simple digital request forms, which can be approved or denied with ease. You can also add paid/unpaid labels and pay rates for anyone working on public holidays.
  • Create automatic reports with insights regarding your labour costs, absence and holiday figures.
  • Quickly produce automated payroll data, including overtime calculations, eliminating human error.
  • Set pay period options – weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.
  • Set overtime limits.
  • Track individual jobs – See how long different tasks take and how many staff members are needed.
  • Prevent buddy clocking and time theft.
  • Set up geolocation tracking for workers clocking in whilst moving from site to site.

Even better, it’s a fully scalable time and attendance system, meaning that you pay for the employees you have and the system can grow seamlessly alongside your business to reflect fluctuation in worker numbers. Better still, there is no contract whatsoever, meaning you pay per month while you use it, but can stop at any time if you decide to.

If you like the sound of what you’ve heard so far, contact us and we will happily explain more. Tell us about your unique business needs and we’ll show you how uAttend can make your life easier from day one.

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