Time and Attendance Scheduling

Time and Attendance Scheduling

Time and attendance is all about using the data of your employee’s clocking, to find optimisation trends within your workforce – whether absence, labour costs or more.

It helps you know who’s in or out, who has requested holiday and to streamline the payroll process.

This year we launched a scheduling feature

So you could schedule when employees should be in. It’s the other side to the time and attendance coin. Enabling you to create the schedules that employees should follow and the system tracks.

We knew that this feature would go hand in hand with everything we already offer, and launched it on the uAttend system at no extra cost for our users.

Like all of uAttend, our scheduling feature is as simple to use as possible. Just assign your employees a position, create shifts, then fill as needed.

With uAttend scheduling, you will always know what’s going on, as the scheduling dashboard puts everything you need in one place. The dashboard is synced with your time clocks, so you’ll see employees clock their shifts in real-time.

Easy peasy!

Enjoy effortless schedule repeatability. Just fill in the recurring positions every week, and uAttend does the rest.

Need to changes?

You can edit, add and remove shifts to customise your schedule whenever you need to.

Go to – https://help-portal.uattend.co.uk/scheduling-overview-landing-page – for more.