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Time and Attendance App – is your business missing out?

Chances are by now your business has a time and attendance method in some form or another. But are you using a Time and Attendance App yet? If not why not?

Time and attendance has come a long way from bundy clocks and paper timesheets.

Thanks to today’s connected world, we can clock in, request holiday, track hours in departments and much more all with a few clicks of a button.

So why then are many businesses still spending money on on-premise software or expensive hardware to log employee hours?

We go over many of the reasons on our time and attendance page. However, today, we wanted to dive solely in on the aspect of App clocking.

Clocking in and out with an App

Obviously, you know what works for your business. Depending on your size, the processes you already have in place and more.

With more workers than ever working remotely however, having a remote clocking option is making more and more sense to a host of organisations.

Not only does App clocking reduce the spread of germs, as each employee has their own personal clocking method. But it also reduces the cost of clocking hardware on the employer’s side.

Other benefits of App clocking include:

Reduce manual errors
Saves your company time and money. No more guesswork on hours and no more shift of blame. Employees are responsible for clocking themselves in and out in order to be paid.

With accurate and exact payroll, you also increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Regulatory Compliance
For Working Time Regulations and break compliance you may need to prove hours and keep clocking data secure.

Clocking via an app ensures that employees clocking data is secure via the cloud and can even track workers locations at the point of clocking.

For disciplinary or tribunal cases, app clocking can also ensure information is available for all parties. We suggest also ensuring this information is available in your time and attendance policy.

A good time and attendance system will have an admin version of the app to ensure managers have full oversight of their workers.

Not only can they clock employees in or out, but they can view holiday requests, see timesheets and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time and Attendance Apps

So now you know why a clock in and out app makes sense, but is there anything you need to know?

Is it possible to cheat a time and attendance app?
It’s possible that some employees can clock in before their jobs have actually begun. If using a time and attendance app that does not utilise geofencing or GPS location stamping.

Luckily, uAttend by Chronologic offers its time and attendance app free with a geofencing feature as standard.

How much is a time and attendance app?
As stated above, the uAttend by Chronologic app is free for all users, as it comes as part of your uAttend monthly subscription.

Employees can use the smartphone clock-in app to:

  • Clock in and out
  • Alternatively, clock into a department, or location or site, for detailed cost centre reporting
  • Leave a note
  • Check their timecard
  • Clock for breaks and meals
  • Request time off

Why should I invest in a time and attendance app?

On top of the above-mentioned benefits, you’ll be accessing a time and attendance system.

It’s more than just clocking in; it’s powering your business with data to make real-time decisions with insight.

Not only will your clocking data help you reduce payroll errors, admin time and HR resources, it will give you reporting, labour costs analysis and much more for a fraction of the cost of labour.

How to sign-up for the uAttend Clocking App

Head to our Shop for Android or iOS devices.

Sign up for a uAttend online account and choose your pricing plan.

If you are only using web, phone or smartphone clocking, you can set up these options and get staff clocking as soon as you’ve signed up!

You can see the sign-up process here.

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