Time and Attendance and Work Culture

Time and Attendance and Work Culture

Ensuring Time and Attendance Adoption

So, you’ve chosen your time and attendance system, set up the users, logged biometrics or installed the app and are all ready to go.

However, if you’re employees aren’t on board to actually use the system – it’s all worthless.

Without the data of clocking, a time and attendance system is as ineffective as an old-school punch machine.

Why would employees care about T&A?

The thought of their hours being tracked won’t appeal to a lot of employees – especially those who are used to taking breaks, lateness or allowing their friends to clock for them.

Suddenly, knowing only the hours you work are paid, and your employer can see where you are when you clock is something to panic about.

These employees will always kick up a fuss, but they are part of the exact reason you need a time and attendance system (as well as minimising time on payroll date, automating reports and much more).

It’s the employees who DO play by the rules and have an issue that you need to get on side.

How to make sure time and attendance is accepted into your work culture

Sell the benefits – not only for your company (time, money and resource-saving) but for your team!

With the uAttend Time and Attendance system, employees will be able to very clearly see their timesheets and know what they were paid and why.

They will be able to request holiday quickly via the app. See their scheduled hours to work in advance and much more.

Best of all, because our system automatically applies the correct pay rates and overtime rules to the employee’s timesheets, there will be fewer discrepancies in their pay. This means they’ll be more confident than ever that their salary is what it should be.

Reiterate that it’s not about ‘big brother’ tracking their every move, but ensuring that people are paid for what they work. That you can now clearly fill schedules so that the workload is shared evenly, and a host of paperwork such as payroll data is automated – so payments are smoother than ever and you as a manager have more time to manage.

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