Time and Attendance and People Analytics

Time and Attendance and People Analytics

If the past year and a half taught managers anything, it’s that there really is no “one size fits all” approach to people management, and that time and attendance and people analytics is a must.

Despite the common opinion that time and attendance systems are designed to make employees’ lives harder, they actually help managers make transparent and fair decisions.

Think of it this way, instead of making important workforce decisions based on their mood or bias, managers have accurate data to compare and improve on, helping them clearly see workplace policies in action.

Data is accurate, reliable and most importantly – inhuman

This might seem like a negative to you, but it’s not. There is no favouritism in data, it is what it is. HR can use your time and attendance metrics to monitor overtime trends, revenue per employee, absenteeism, and more.

This helping hand of 010101’s will guide your managers to a better bottom line and ensure your workforce is optimised.

For workers, if you’re working from home or the office and feel overwhelmed or burnt out, T&A software will flag any overtime to your managers, enabling them to open a conversation on workload with you, or you with them.

T&A strategising is easy peasy

As said above, with the help of data, your managers can make strategising decisions to best serve the business. In the past, this means more labour, more hours, more work.

Now, using people analytics, it means optimisation (the right people on the right shifts), labour compliance, labour costs, forecasting and so much more.

If your business knows what to expect to get the results it needs, there will no longer be pressure on the workforce to complete impossible tasks. Projects can be set, labour scheduled, and workers booked to get the job done on time.

Trusting the process

Whether your company uses biometric, phone, web or app clocking, a time and attendance system will help you get the most from your workers – and they from your business.

uAttend by Chronologic offers a cloud-based time and attendance system starting at just £17.99 per month. The software includes T&A, Scheduling, Reporting, Holiday Management and more as standard.

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