Three Ways A Time and Attendance System Can Boost your Bottom Line

Three Ways A Time and Attendance System Can Boost your Bottom Line

We’ve said time and time again how labour is the most expensive cost of any business, so making sure you are getting the most from your investment makes sense.

‘Most’ doesn’t have to mean long hours or unfair working conditions; it means the maximum ROI from your workers – the knowledge that your employees are doing their best while at work.

HR departments can help ensure this through upskilling, incentives and more, but how can your Time and Attendance System also boost your bottom line?

Here are our top three ways:


A time and attendance system, such as uAttend by Chronologic, offers automated data from your workers clocking in and out – meaning accurate and accessible insight.

With our suite of reports, we take your automated employee data and create a real-time view of employee costs, overtime, time off, rates of absence and more.

This insight can help you make better workforce decisions to improve your bottom line.


How many times have you heard your managers complain of paperwork or because of employee absence?

With a time and attendance system, automation can take care of the paperwork for you (timesheets, absence reporting, holiday management, payroll data and more), so that your managers can actually manage.

By giving your team more one-on-one time with their boss, you might see an upscale in productivity, happiness, transparency and attendance – all reducing your bottom line and helping you retain talent.

Get your managers out from behind a desk and allow them to manage your people.

ROI Boost

Like all good business software, time and attendance systems are designed to ensure you save money and resources.

With cloud-based time and attendance software, your initial investment can be as low as £17.99 and deliver savings on a host of workforce aspects such as time theft, unauthorised overtime, reduction in payroll errors and more.


Whatever reason you are looking at T&A systems (to save time, money or resources) make sure to plan what you expect and need from your system before investing.

uAttend by Chronologic offers cloud-based time and attendance software from just £17.99 per month and comes with no minimum term or contract. Pause and play as you wish.

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