Supporting Julian House this Christmas

This Christmas, we’re making sure there’s plenty to go around

Christmas is a lot: Some love it, some really don’t. For many, it really is the most wonderful time of the year and for others, it’s an incredibly sad and lonely period, fraught with worry.

This year, our team really wanted to do something slightly different for our Christmas promo. Rather than offering clients a discount on our products, we have decided that, for every uAttend terminal purchased Between 1st—31st December, we will donate £15 of the unit price to Julian House.

Julian House is a fantastic charity close to our hearts and also, as it happens, our offices – its headquarters are located just down the road from us in Bath, Somerset, meaning many of us have witnessed first-hand the incredible work they do and the invaluable support they provide to those in need.

Julian House really is the home of opportunity.

Although it is perhaps best known for its direct access hostel, there is so much more to Julian House; in fact, its work is much broader than many people realise. As well as offering vital support for the homeless, the charity is also heavily committed to supporting those who are impacted by domestic abuse and the criminal justice system, as well as running a specialist Autism & Asperger’s supported housing project.

Over the past 12 months, Julian House has provided substantial support to over 1,600 individuals. The dedicated team of staff works tirelessly and with enormous empathy to understand why someone has been forced onto the streets. Common factors include mental health issues, family break-up, addiction, loss of employment or unresolved trauma from childhood. Likewise, the team at Julian House also helps victims of domestic abuse to understand how they are being manipulated by their abusers and then empower them to take control of their own lives – often for the benefit of their children as well.

Every client is different, and the support required is tailored to suit their individual needs. Another service that really sets Julian House apart is the direct support it provides for those who are ready to re-enter the job market. The charity’s social enterprise bike workshops in Bath and Trowbridge provide proper workplace experience and training – boosting self-esteem and even allowing those who have refurbished a bike and successfully brought it back to road worthiness the opportunity to take the bike with them.

The charity’s Fundraising Director, Cecil Weir, sums up the amazing results Julian House achieves: “Our clients are front and centre of all that we do. Providing a bed is the easy bit, what we strive to do is put that rough sleeper back in a position where they can sustain their own accommodation; to give that abused victim and their children safety and a fresh start, away from violence; or to allow an ex-offender a chance to reconnect with mainstream society. With the public’s support we’re doing this 365 days a year.”

At uAttend by Chronologic, we could not be happier or prouder to be supporting this fantastic charity. So, if you’re thinking of ordering some new or extra terminals, or know a business that may be interested, what better time than now to get involved.

‘Tis the season, to think of others…

Julian House is a registered charity (No. 1183751) and a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales (No. 11791952). Registered provider of social housing (No. L4549). Registered office: 1 Kelso Place, Upper Bristol Rd, Bath, BA1 3AU

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