Fingerprint clocking machines

There’s always one employee who…

… is the clumsiest person you’ve ever met

In this article of the series, we will be talking about world class fingerprint clocking machines offered by uAttend and explore how they provide a user-friendly solution for time and attendance, and how anyone, even your clumsiest of employees, can clock in using them.

Almost every person on the Planet has fingerprints that are unique to them, which makes them the perfect way to clock-in and out. Not only do you know that they are physically on site, but also that they can only clock themselves in, which is hugely important to businesses.

As a responsible business, you have strict Health and Safety policies in place to protect all you staff. You have risk assessed everything to the high-hills and yet, That Employee still manages to ignore all the H&S advice and rules, only to get their finger caught in a fan-belt, stuck under a breeze block, or industrial machinery and need to go to hospital and now you’re thinking “how are they going to clock in for work, once their allowed back?”

We’ll, that’s where uAttend’s fingerprint clocking machines lend a finger, to help you out. With our fingerprint clocking-in options, you can register up to 5 fingerprints per employee, meaning whether it’s a small cut, or the finger has come clean off, That Employee can use another of their fingers and clock out on the way to hospital.

Now, that’s probably a little extreme so let’s bring that down a notch! If your employees work within a manual labour-intensive environment and That Employee is always getting small scrapes on their hands, or if your employees work in an office-based environment and you have no idea how That Employee is always commenting on the fact they have a paper-cut, they will always be able to use another registered fingerprint to clock out at the end of their shift, simplifying time and attendance management.

uAttend’s fingerprint clocking machines are classed as plug ‘n’ play, and you can be up and running in no time at all.

Want to know more about our fingerprint clocking machines? Contact the Team now to find out about this and other features that uAttend by Chronologic can offer you!

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