Roundings and Grace feature

There’s always one employee who…

... Isn't always punctual

In this article of the series, we will be talking about the time keeping skill of That Employee and the Roundings and Grace feature of uAttend.

Punctuality is a key quality that all businesses would like all their employees to have. That isn't always the case and you aren't sure if That Employee is just bad at time keeping, or if they have set their watch to be five minutes late.

Even if you have flexible working hours, you still expect your employees to be at work by a certain time, and leave at a certain time. But you aren't sure what to do about That Employee who comes into, or leaves, work more or less at the right working times and thinks that no one will notice. To ensure a fair working environment, management need to implement something to make sure that everyone is clocking as they should, or a way to provide a penalty to those who aren't as abiding to the rules. Not only will this encourage better time keeping from That Employee, but also satisfy others within your business.

We'll, that's where uAttend's time and attendance system really comes into it's own. We can go even further than the handy notification and convenient reports that we briefly covered in our article “There's always one employee who... Clocks in at sort of 9:00” posted on the 9th June 2023, to help to save you money and, more importantly, that help stop this happening, and demand action from That Employee.


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uAttend's time keeping software has a feature called 'Roundings and Grace' that fairly, and unbiasedly rounds your employee clocking times.

Let's say your business has a 15 minutes rounding, and a 3-minute grace set for both clocking in and out. If That Employee clocks in at 09:04, the automatic feature will mean that they start accruing time at 09:15, meaning they will lose out of 11 minutes of time. The grace works as flexibility for your employees (they can't control a late bus, or extra traffic on the road) so, using the same scenario, if an employee clocks in at 09:03 the automatic feature will mean they start accruing time from 09:00.

The feature works in the same way, but reversed for an out clock, meaning if and employee clocks out before 14:57 then they will be deducted 15 minutes of time. Whereas if they clock out after 16:57, they will accrue the full 15 minutes.

By setting up uAttend's simple time keeping features you can help to encourage That Employees' attitude so that they arrive on time for their shifts.

Do you have That Employee who needs help with time keeping? Contact the Team now to find out about this and other features that uAttend by Chronologic can offer you!

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