There’s always one employee who forgets to clock

There’s always one employee who…

… Forgets to clock

In this article in the That Employee series, we will be talking about forgetful employees and the Missed Clocking feature of uAttend.

If your employees are new to using a clocking machine, whether it is clocking via facial recognition, fingerprint, RFID, web clocking, a clocking-in app or landline clocking, they need to remember to clock in and out daily in order to build the habit, before it becomes second nature.

Do you have That Employee who is perfectly good at clocking in the morning but is so eager to leave at the end of their shift, that they completely bypass the massive sign you put up saying ‘DID YOU CLOCK TODAY?’ obliviously walking right passed the clocking machine in a bid to catch some of those gorgeous evening rays of sunshine, in fact they may be so eager that they might even be leaving a bit early. You only know because your payroll team are meticulous, and bring it to your attention, (all hail payroll).

Well, that’s where uAttend’s transformative Time and Attendance features feel like an absolute blessing. With the Missed Clocking feature, you can log into uAttend’s cloud software and see, at-a-glance, from the live employee dashboard that there are missed clockings. If That Employee is a serial repeater 1. You can fix the issue very simply via the Dashboard to save your payroll team time and, 2. You can see using the nifty ‘Clocking Report’ if a missed clocking has been fixed. You can even see which of your supervisors or administrators has added the clocking, by checking That Employees timecard.

If That Employee is continuously appearing in the Missing Tab, you may start to wonder if this is a purposeful action, or an innocent forgetfulness, either way the clocking report can be used by supervisors and administrators to aid the difficult conversation about clocking habits and / or time-keeping.

Why is accurate clocking data so important?

Apart from making payroll more efficient, ensuring staff are working the hours they are being paid for, having the right number of staff working a shift and keeping staff motivation high, missed clockings mean that That Employee will appear on the evacuation list in the event of a premises evacuation, even when they have left. This makes the Time and Attendance Missed Clocking feature not only a time saver, but also a potential lifesaver too!

No matter how management want this topic approached whether it is a health and safety concern or a bug bear for payroll each month, uAttend’s Time and Attendance software has you covered.

Do you have That Employee who is forgetful as a goldfish? Contact the Team now to find out about this and other features that uAttend by Chronologic can offer you!

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