tracking your employees' hours

There’s always one employee who…

...Clocks in at sort of 9:00

In this series, we will be talking about That Employee who likes to push the boundaries of acceptability, and how look at how uAttend can help you with tracking your employees’ hours.

Much like a large percentage of businesses with either office-based or hybrid environments, staff work a set weekly shift pattern of say;




That Employee takes a slightly liberal approach to the scheduled hours and decides it is acceptable to clock in at sort of 9:00 am or clock out at nearly 17:00, and you are only aware because a few employees have raised concerns. As management, you need a way to re-establish positivity within the team, so easy notification of unacceptable clocking events and a fair, objective, plan to ensure everyone is clocking as they should in order to help you to step up your game.


Want to see how it works? Request a demo and one of our customer service team will take you through it!

Well, that's where uAttend by Chronologic comes to the rescue, with its time and attendance system! The friendly Sales Team can demo the system to show you precisely how uAttend will help. Within uAttend, you can set up a ‘Set Weekly Shift,’ per employee. The time tracking software then monitors the clocking-in and out time of your employees, and notifies managers by email when any employee clocks in late or out early, and you can choose your thresholds!

You will see how much time it saves, - even if it does feel a little like ‘Big Brother,’ - that is OK!

Already, this is a major game changer, but uAttend takes it one step further. If you are wondering how to collate all these emails, and how much time this will take, uAttend has that covered too - by providing all the data in one handy report, called the ‘Shift Exception Report.’! The report then collates all the information within any chosen date range, and can be exported as a .CSV, so providing objective, accurate information to support that awkward conversation with That Employee. uAttend has got your back!

It is clear this is going to both help with speaking to That Employee, and re-establish a positive, productive environment as a result of effective management, and HR is going to LOVE it - A triple win!

Do you have That Employee, and need a software in place to track employee hours? Contact the Team now to find out about this and other features that uAttend by Chronologic can offer you!

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