uAttend Dashboard

The uAttend Dashboard

You’ve decided you need a Time and Attendance system. Hopefully, you’ve picked uAttend. You might have even had (or requested) a demonstration of our software.

To make sure that you know exactly what you get, we’re taking this opportunity to show and explain our admin dashboard to you – so you are prepared from day one.

What you see

As soon as you log in, you’ll see big easy to read blocks that contain an overview of your workforce.

The uAttend Dashboard is designed this way so you can see what’s going on with one glance. There’s no point investing in a system to save you time and resources, then need to spend hours deciphering what it all means.

At the top you have your Clocking Status:
In, Out, Break, Lunch, and Missing.

As you might expect, these are boxes of employees who fit into the category at that time. Thanks to the quick click options, you can view a list of employees under each section.

This means you can easily keep an eye on people at lunch, or instantly see anyone missing (so you can make sure the shift has enough workers).

On leave
This box displays the names of employees currently on authorised leave. It’s a handy reminder to show you who is out.

Anyone under the missing section of the clocking segment could indicate unauthorised absence.

Add clocking
Here you can clock individuals or groups of employees who have missed or forgotten to clock.

It’s a great way to ensure your payroll data is correct and can save time if you find your team away from the office but still needing to track time.

Missed clockings
Missed clockings could be because of a multitude of reasons. Absence, lateness or the employee could have forgotten.

Whatever the reason, you can update missed clocking easily in this section, so that your payroll data is correct and ready to export to your payroll bureau on payday.

Time off requests
Being able to respond to time-off requests quicky and simply is vital for businesses. With the Time Off Request box, you can see who wants time off and when.

Acceptance or rejection of the request is just a few clicks away. When selecting the application, you’ll also be able to click to see who is out at the same time so that you can make an informed decision.