time and attendance system

The road ahead is looking bumpy. What can we do?

You know when someone convinces you to on a ride at the fair, that doesn’t look that bad on the face of it, but you end up being thrown around, tossed back and forth, up and down, your centre of gravity goes and you come off feeling so rough, so disorientated, and so shaken that you walk around for the next ten minutes or so trying to process what actually just happened? Collectively, that feels like the past few months (years?) of life in the UK, right? And, buckle up, buttercups, because it looks like there is still no smooth road in sight.

So, what can we do? What can we actually do to make any of this a bit more bearable, to regain a certain sense of control?

Well, if you’re running a business, one thing you absolutely can do is to try and make that business as cost-effective as possible. One way you can save money is by switching to a cloud-based time and attendance system. Aside from saving you hours of admin time that can be better used elsewhere, it will also eliminate time theft and ensure you are only paying employees for the correct number of hours worked, by exporting exact payroll data for each employee, including any overtime worked.

Not only that, but by creating departments or cost centres, and assigning employees to each one at the point of clocking in and out, you will soon be able to work out how long particular jobs take, how much they cost and how many workers are needed, so that you can budget more effectively and avoid unnecessary over-staffing issues.

One of the biggest advantages to a time and attendance system like uAttend is that it is based on a monthly subscription with no minimum contract and no tie-ins, meaning that if you decide you want to use it just for a few months to see, you can, with no penalisation at all if you later cancel your subscription. It’s also fully scalable, and priced in categories depending on number of employees, which means if you take on 30 extra staff members, uAttend can grow with you.

If you’d like to find out more, contact a member of our team and we’ll happily show you how uAttend can start helping your business.

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