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The pros of tracking time & attendance in the cloud

While virtual timesheets have been around for a while, cloud-based time and attendance means your business can reach another level by taking advantage of automation technology.

If you’re a business thinking about the best steps you can take. Enhancing your firm’s use of cloud-based IT is probably one of the best things you can do. 

Here’s our guide to the things every business owner should know about cloud-based time and attendance software.

What is cloud software?

Most of us already use some form of cloud computing, from listening to music (e.g. Spotify) to watching films (via ) or sharing photographs.

In a nutshell, cloud computing is simply the storing and accessing of files via the internet. 

More technically, cloud computing is the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. Rather than the use of a local server or personal computer to store, manage and use your files and data. 

It’s like using another company’s software and storage space instead of having to purchase and maintain your own.

The benefits of cloud software

There is a huge variety of cloud software available covering all kinds of business functions – from accounts, payroll, and marketing to HR workforce management. 

They are designed to save firms time and money by reducing the need to create, complete and maintain their own functions locally.

Typically, you subscribe to your chosen provider – often a ‘software-as-a-service’ (SaaS) application.

Rather than buying software and user licences, which you then have to install on PCs. Simply set up your account and subscribe to the cloud service. 

The data can then be viewed and managed using PCs, tablets, Macs and smartphones.

Using a T& system as an example, cloud-based software works like this:

  1. Your employees clock in using one of a number of ways which you can choose from – swipe card, proximity fob, biometric fingerprint or facial recognition clocking in terminals, web, phone or free smartphone app
  2. The data is sent directly to your cloud account
  3. The software automatically sorts the data into timesheets, reports and other insights. 
  4. You can view the data in real-time, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Traditional time clocking vs. cloud-based T&A

When New York jeweller Willard Le Grand Bundy patented his mechanical time clock in 1890 it was hailed as state of the art. 

At last, there was a way for employers to track the hours worked by their employees without a clerk manually ticking them in. However, let’s be honest – over a century later, traditional time clocking is now looking more than a little antiquated.

Traditional time clocks mean fiddling around with time cards, replacing ink ribbons and manually calculating the payroll. Not ideal for today’s busy employer or human resources department! 

Cloud-based time and attendance systems help businesses complete tasks such as tracking hours, monitoring absences and scheduling annual leave – all without hardware or infrastructure. 

3 Cloud topics every business should consider

Yes, it’s very clear we think the cloud is amazing. But what do you need to consider before making the leap to uAttend? 

Back up your data.

Before you migrate your valuable business data to the cloud from your existing systems, it’s important to duplicate your data just in case any is lost during the transfer process. 

Once you’ve tested your new cloud software and are happy with the transfer of content, you can choose to delete the duplicate files.

Ensure it’s scalable.

One of the major advantages of cloud software is that it can be easily scaled for your number of employees. 

You don’t want to be locked into a rigid deal. Look for a flexible monthly or annual subscription that allows firms to scale up, when growing, or down, particularly if your business has seasonal peaks and troughs. 

For example, good cloud-based time and attendance systems offer a variety of pricing plans with no tie-in period or contract.

Make sure the software is mobile-friendly.

Today’s mobile and flexible workforce is driving the demand for ever greater and more convenient connectivity. 

Cloud computing can empower managers and staff alike so make sure that your chosen cloud software is accessible 24/7 and from any location.

This means you should be able to access it from a variety of devices including the one that’s with you most often, your mobile phone.


A good, user-friendly cloud-based system adds up to being more efficient all around. The pros far outweigh any cons. It has great potential to positively impact your business so it’s worth exploring.

Getting your time and attendance system right matters because it sits at the heart of your business. Affecting your employees, your processes and ultimately the profitability of your business.

uAttend is a market-leading cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) employee management system that offers all of these time-saving and cost-effective functionalities. 

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