The pros of tracking time & attendance in the cloud

While virtual timesheets have been around for a while, a time and attendance system which is cloud-based means you can move your business to another level by taking advantage of the latest technology.

A cloud-based system means you access your clocking data and reports via the internet, data is securely stored in the cloud, rather than clogging up your computers. It’s the flexible and cost-effective way to go for employee attendance management. Cloud-based time and attendance systems collect and process real-time clocking-in data online allowing you to access it anywhere, anytime.

Let’s look more closely at the pros of tracking time & attendance in the cloud:

  • Access from any location, 24/7 – a major perk is that hard-pressed managers and supervisors are not tied to the office to do important tasks. You can be ‘on the move’ in between sites, on a long commute or at home. It’s super convenient because having a cloud-based time and attendance system means that you can access data from your smartphone or other internet-enabled device – a great plus for sectors with staff on the move e.g. construction, cleaning & facilities management, franchises, healthcare and hospitality.
  • No IT hassles – being cloud-based means no there’s software installation to worry about. Good time and attendance providers will take care of setting you up and troubleshoot any problems. Your business won’t have to worry about complicated software upgrades or updates afterwards – cloud-based providers will handle this for you. A bonus is that they will often include hardware support too. It all adds up to being a cheaper solution in the long run.
  • Frees up company networks – time and attendance software packages can take up a lot of space on computers. When your software is in ‘the cloud’ it means that the internet takes the strain leaving your systems less-clogged up.
  • Good for employees – online timesheets in a cloud-based system are handy for workers too. They can be accessed anytime and anyplace to look up their timesheets, make requests for holidays and other absences.
  • Good for business growth – it can get tricky handling handwritten timesheets or non-cloud based software when staff numbers increase as your business expands. With cloud-based software you can easily scale up, or down, depending on your needs – handy for companies with fluctuating or seasonal workforces and varying locations. Cloud-based time and attendance systems are flexible and cost-effective, allowing small as well as large businesses to take advantage of the latest features and functionality.

A good, user-friendly cloud-based system adds up to being more efficient all around. The pros far outweigh any cons. It has great potential to positively impact your business so it’s worth exploring.

Getting your time and attendance system right matters because it sits at the heart of your business – affecting your employees, your processes and ultimately the profitability of your business.

uAttend is a market-leading cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) employee management system which offers all of these time-saving and cost-effective functionalities. Request a free online demo to find out more.

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