Benefits of time and attendance

The most surprising benefits of Time and Attendance software

There are many benefits of Time and Attendance or T&A. Yes, it will, without a doubt, save your business valuable admin time, money and a whole heap of unwanted, unnecessary stress.

But there is another massive benefit to implementing a reliable and effective attendance management system, and one that, we think, may be the most important of all: happier employees.

No, we’re not joking, and yes, we appreciate that this may come as a genuine surprise to anyone not yet using cloud-based time and attendance software such as uAttend. But ask any business that does use one of our systems, and they’ll tell you how it has boosted staff morale.

And you don’t need us to tell you that happier staff is always good for business. Happier staff are more motivated, more productive and, to state the obvious, take less time off. Unhappy, unfulfilled workers, on the other hand, have lower attendance levels, are more distracted, less productive and, worse still, their negative attitude spreads quickly to other workers, which, let’s face it, is a real problem. But one that, fortunately, is entirely avoidable.

In a period when it seems as though you only have to turn on the news to hear about another teachers’/nurses/rail workers’ strike, we feel it’s a good time to remind you that unhappy workers are never, ever good for your business.

Don’t get us wrong, time and attendance software is not a magic bullet that will solve all of your staffing problems. That would be grossly oversimplifying what is often a very complex area.

But, to keep things simple for a minute, here’s what your workers – your most valuable resource – do want from their employer:

  1. To be paid correctly and on time.
  2. To feel valued, along with a sense of belonging in their job.
  3. To feel like they are working in a fair environment.

uAttend’s cloud-based time and attendance system is one way to ensure these things take place. It’s not the only way, of course, but here’s how it can drastically help:

By keeping accurate records of all your employees’ clocking data, your workers will feel reassured that they are always going to be paid correctly for every single hour they have worked, including any overtime or special pay rates you may have agreed upon.

This also naturally puts an end to any feeling of unfairness that almost always arises when the same colleagues arrive late day after day, or frequently leave ahead of time, or take long lunches, leaving others to pick up the slack. This subtle act of repeated time theft never goes unnoticed by your harder-working staff members, even though employers themselves may be blissfully unaware. Time theft, incidentally, costs UK businesses billions of pounds every year, so is always something you should act on quickly and effectively.

Employees also love using the convenient uAttend clock-in app or online portal to access their timesheets, which clearly show their hours worked, as well as their upcoming shifts. They can also use this system to request and manage their holidays, which gives a far greater sense of autonomy over their lives.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of time and attendance, why not book yourself a free online demo with a member of our team.