App clocking

The benefits of app clocking

Cloud-based employee clocking

From the beginning of time and attendance and clocking in and out – a terminal has been there.

The image of employees queuing to punch their card in and out is one we all think of when thinking about T&A.

But it’s not the 80’s anymore, and in today’s connected world, clocking on a physical machine isn’t always necessary.

Of course, clocking terminals are still used (and rightly so) for a host of reasons. The most valid reason clocking terminals are used is to stop buddy clocking.

The uAttend biometric clocking in machines, such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning – stop others being able to clock in for their friends and begin being paid. This is because biometric terminals scan unique human features that cannot be replicated by anyone but the person registered.

In today’s COVID-19 world however, lots of employees are cautious about using physical clocking terminals that involve touch.

Businesses can purchase a contactless clocking terminal, such as RFID (card clocking) or facial recognition. But if they are looking for a shorter-term answer – an App is the perfect solution.

Why use a clocking app?

Every uAttend account includes access to our uAttend App at no extra charge, and with the App, each employee can use their smartphone as their own clocking device.

Based on your settings, clocking in with the App enables employees to clock in and out, track breaks, request holiday, see their timesheets and more.

For admin – the admin app enables you to see department timesheets, clock people remotely, make changes and more.

You can also allow geolocation on employee clocking – so you can see where they are at the point of clocking. The geolocation functionality is perfect for anyone working on or off-site as well as from home.

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