Temperature Scanning Employee's

Temperature Scanning Employee’s

Should scanning your employee’s temperature be the new norm?

Living with COVID will be a different approach for all UK businesses as the country looks to reopen fully on July 19th. Many workers in production and manufacturing will already be used to the precautions necessary, whereas offices and other sectors will need to provide COVID precautions where possible.

Keeping your workers safe is always the goal, however, in customer-facing roles, you have to now consider clients also.

This is where technology comes in. Thanks to our latest investment in uAttend, system users can now purchase temperature scanning terminals, which enable workers to be checked automatically for signs of illness before they work.

How does a temp scanner work?

Our clocking unit quickly verifies a user’s identity through our facial recognition camera, measures their body temperature and checks this information against the maximum temperature your workplace set.

If the employee is over the temperature limit, they will not be able to clock.
This will also be flagged via your temperature scanning report.

Temperature scanning report

Best of all, thanks to our facial recognition cameras, employees will be recognised to clock even if wearing a mask, eliminating the need to spread potential germs further.

Why purchase a temperature scanning machine?

Not only will a temperature scanning terminal reduce potential germ spreading, but it will save your employees time and hassle by clocking their hours and checking temperatures at the same time.

Our new DR2500 unit also allows you to navigate your time clocks menu by voice. You can tell the unit to clock in and out, track your breaks, lunch, department transfers, and more.

Investing in a temperature scanning terminal is ideal for current and post-pandemic time and attendance, as the temperature scanning camera is simply an add-on and can be used as both a permanent or temporary solution.

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