Once you've decided how you want staff to clock in...

Web, phone and smartphone clocking: Select the pricing plan appropriate for the number of employees who'll be clocking in. Set-up your account and pay for your first monthly uAttend service subscription with a debit or credit card. We'll send you a getting started link which will guide you through setting up your new uAttend account.

Using clocking in terminals: Buy the terminals and accessories that you need from our online shop. A Getting Started Guide, instructions on setting-up your uAttend online account and paying your first month's uAttend subscription will be included with the delivery of your terminal/s.

Web, phone and smartphone clocking in

These clocking in options are set-up through your uAttend account. You decide which employees can clock in using which options. You can also choose to use the geolocation option which will show where staff are clocking in from, this is particularly useful if you have staff working on remote sites.

What to do when your clocking in terminals arrive

The uAttend clocking in terminals have been designed to literally plug-and-play. All you need is a power source.

If you've chosen a wired network terminal, connect it to the network (a 2m network cable is supplied, if you need longer cabling add what you need to your basket in the online shop). Each terminal is supplied with a unique identifying number which you need to add to your uAttend online account information.

Follow the getting started guide we'll send to you. The guide also explains how to enrol people on the biometric terminals, add your organisation's logo to the log in screen, etc.

And of course, any problems our friendly UK helpdesk is on the end of the phone!