Clocking machine

Stressing over your clocking machine installation? Don’t.

If you want a clocking machine that doesn’t require a Master’s degree to install, breathe. We see you.

The vast majority of our customers come to us because they want to make their lives easier. They’re hoping to reduce the number of hours spent on admin, save their business money and generally just help organise their workers in a more efficient, cost-effective way and know that a good time and attendance system can do all of that and more.

What they almost certainly don’t want is to be met with more stress, mind-boggling technical jargon and a system so complicated that they’re better off not bothering in the first place.

A call with a new customer recently really reminded us that the uAttend system really is wonderfully, beautifully EASY – not just to use but to set up. Other systems are relatively easy to use when once they are configured, but for some of them the setting-up process is so complicated it almost requires a Master’s degree in technical engineering to make any sense of it.

Many people, therefore, are left thinking that if their business would require several clocking in machines, the configuration process is going to be messy and complicated, involving several different static IP addresses for a start.

If terms such as Dynamic IP address, Static IP address, VPN mean nothing to you – and, more importantly, you want them to continue meaning nothing to you, you are in the right place.

Don’t get us wrong; we can be as techy as you’d like or need us to be. Our Support and Sales Teams fully understand the technical workings of our machines and how these interact with our uAttend software, it’s just we prefer to keep the jargon to a minimum.

In case you were wondering, this is how you activate our RFID, biometric fingerprint and biometric facial clocking machines:


  • Attach a LAN cable to your clocking machine, then plug into the power outlet.
  • Enter your uAttend Company ID number. An authentication code will then be emailed to your account administrator.
  • Enter the Authentication Code received.
  • Confirm that your account information is correct.
  • Select a Time Zone (GMT for the UK).
  • Set your Administrator Passcode – a 5-digit code that will be used for administrator-only functions.
  • That’s it – done!


Exactly the same as above, except for the first step which will require you to choose a WiFi network when you first plug the machine in and turn it on.

If you have multiple machines in your workplace, there’s no difference. You simply connect them all to the WiFi, and uAttend will take all of your clocking data and upload it to the cloud.

Honestly, it couldn’t be simpler. In fact, the hardest part of setting up our machines is actually putting them on the wall.

If all this is music to your ears and you’d like to give uAttend a go, why not book yourself in for a free online demo?