Staff Holiday Tracking

Staff Holiday Tracking

Welcome to uAttend’s Employee Holiday Management Solution!

Are you eager to embrace a stress-free and efficient way of managing employee time and attendance, including holiday requests? Say farewell to the complexities of paperwork, and manual calculations challenges.

With uAttend, you can embark on a journey to enhance your staff holiday tracking process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both employers and employees.

Employee Holiday Tracking
Seamlessly Track Staff Time Off

Empower Your Team with Streamlined Processes

  • Effortless Requests:

    Employees can smoothly request their desired holiday days through the uAttend employee app or by logging into the web portal.
  • Instant Notifications:

    The moment an employee submits a holiday request, their line manager or supervisor receives a prompt notification, ensuring everyone stays in the loop.
  • Smart Planning:

    Managers and supervisors can easily check requested dates against their team’s absence status using the intuitive who’s off feature. This promotes seamless operations without any conflicts.
  • Real-Time Updates:

    Managers can grant holiday requests with ease, and employees receive immediate updates via the app, keeping them informed and stress-free.
  • Automatic Staff Holiday Tracking:

    Leave the number crunching to uAttend. The system automatically keeps track of each employee’s accrued and remaining holiday days, making it a worry-free experience.
  • Comprehensive Insights:

    With uAttend’s Workflow Tool, generating reports to review absence histories is a breeze. This data-driven approach simplifies your holiday management even further.

uAttend enhances holiday management with user-friendly request submissions, instant notifications, smart planning, real-time updates, automatic tracking, and data-driven insights, making it a positive and efficient experience.

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