Simplify Employee Shift Scheduling

Simplify Employee Shift Scheduling

Scheduling has always been a nightmare for employers, especially for any business with multiple shift patterns. You can spend days creating the perfect rota, only to find workers are unable to do this day, or someone is off sick.

And now, thanks to social distancing rules and split-shifts for H&S reasons, ensuring the right people, are in the right place, at the right time is more challenging than ever.

Make life easier for yourself

If you’re still using spreadsheets to track employee shifts, or heaven forbid – paper schedules, it might be time to admit defeat and go cloud-based.

Creating a schedule on paper that accommodates employees AND ensures that the business’s needs are met can become an impossible puzzle that eats your manager’s time.

Introducing uAttend Scheduling

The uAttend Scheduling functionality has been designed to save you time and money by streamlining the employee scheduling process.

With this feature, we put the businesses’ needs first, to ensure you have the right number and skill set of employees on every shift. Once this is established, you then you have the choice to select workers and fill those positions.

We’ve even created a Scheduling Setup Wizard, to ensure the process is as smooth as possible first-time round:

Best of all, once your schedules have been created, and your staff have been assigned, copies can be emailed to employees or downloaded and printed.

uAttend by Chronologic is a time and attendance system that includes reports, holiday management, scheduling and more included in its subscription. uAttend subscriptions cost just £17.99 for all this and more.

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