Sickness in workplace

Sickness running rampant at work? We have a solution

As well as being, if songs are to be believed, the most wonderful time of the year, it also seems to be the most illness-stricken. Covid certainly hasn’t gone anywhere, and then there’s a weird flu-type lurgy leaving people coughing, sneezing and spluttering for weeks on end. Not to mention the sore throats, stomach viruses and a whole heap of equally undesirable stocking-fillers.

If you are working over the Christmas period, or any other time of year for that matter, the absolute last thing you want is to have your employees dropping like flies with colds and viruses. There’s always a fine line between not wanting your employees to take too much time off, but equally, if not more so, not wanting them to come into work sick and share whatever they’ve got with everyone else, meaning you have, say, 6 employees out of action, instead of just one.

If you’re already using a cloud-based time and attendance system like uAttend for clocking in and out, you may be pleased to learn that we actually offer a biometric facial recognition unit that comes with a built-in Temperature Reader (DR2500). This has been specially designed to minimise the amount of illness in the workplace and couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is select a temperature lockout threshold, for example 37.5 or 38 degrees Celsius, and, if an employee tries to clock in for their shift with a temperature equal to or higher than the one you’ve chosen, they will simply not be able to.

DR2500 Biometric Facial Recognition with Temperature Reader

Not only that, but the DR2500 is also voice activated. What does this mean? Firstly, you have an incredibly secure method of clocking in your employees – biometric facial recognition first, and then, only if that is successful, can the employee tell the machine to clock them in or out. The voice activation feature means this is a completely contactless clocking-in system, which is far more hygienic in general, not to mention the practicality of any profession where protective hand gear or gloves are needed, such as sterile medical environments. In fact, the facial recognition technology is so precise and advanced that it still works even if your employees are wearing masks covering their mouths and noses.

The voice activation feature means that, as well as asking the unit to clock them in and out, your workers can also track their lunchtime and other breaks (if needed), carry out department transfers and more.

Our market-leading biometric facial recognition technology with temperature reader means you as an employer can be sure of three things:

  1. Workers that are sick will not be spreading their illness around the workplace (they won’t be able to clock in).
  2. The precise nature of the facial recognition means there is zero chance of time theft or buddy clocking.
  3. Your healthy workers will be paid for exactly the correct number of hours worked.
  4. The contactless nature of this particular terminal means you are creating the most hygienic workplace environment possible to reduce the likelihood of germs being spread around.

There is also the possibility of clocking in via RFID card/fobs or a PIN, and our terminals are connectable with Wi-Fi or LAN access. Just as with all uAttend clocking-in methods, the DR2500 terminal is ‘plug and play’. In other words, it is super easy to set up and you can start using it from day one.

If you’d like to find out more before purchasing, our team will be happy to answer any questions. Either request a free demo or email us and we’ll take it from there.

Here’s to a happy – and, above all, healthy – New Year!

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