DR2000 Touch-Free Facial Recognition Clocking Unit

£289.00 ex VAT

Turn your employee clocking data into actionable insight for your business with uAttend by Chronologic – a monthly time and attendance system subscription. ​

Looking for a touch-free clocking unit? The DR2000 enables your employees to clock via facial recognition and is 100% touch-free, thanks to its voice control functionality.​

Simply ask the terminal to clock in, take a break and more, and the terminal will use your employees’ unique features as verification.​

The DR2000 can verify an employees’ face even while wearing a mask and offers an internet failure backup feature, meaning you’ll never lose clocking data again.​

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The uAttend DR2000 clocking unit offers your business the chance to enable touch-free clocking, without compromising on security, accuracy and speed.

Using the latest facial recognition technology to clock employees, workers can choose to either clock in or out, start or end breaks, lunches, department transfers and job tracking – all with voice command.

This voice-controlled functionality eliminates the need for your employees to touch the time clock, giving you more control over workplace safety.

The DR2000 has an add-on temperature scanning tool available (see our DR2500 clocking unit option). This add-on functionality is available to buy for businesses using the DR2000 unit.

Best Voice Recognition Optimisation

In order to get the best use of the voice-control feature, we recommend placing the time terminal in a room with low to medium background noise such as a manager’s office in a café or restaurant, or a break room.

DR2000 users can also clock via RFID card/fobs or a PIN, and the terminal is connectable with Wi-Fi or LAN access.

Like other Attend clocking options (Smartphone, Web, RFID and Facial Recognition), the DR2000 terminal is ‘plug and play’ meaning set it up is easy and you can get clocking from day one.

Any questions – just get in touch. Call 01761 410015, click the chat button, or email us hello@uAttend.co.uk

Three Ways A Time and Attendance System Can Boost your Bottom Line

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What uAttend Offers

uAttend is an easy-to-use, cloud-based time and attendance software, offering businesses access to real-time data to save time, money and resources.

The system includes:

  • Who’s In – See your workforce status in real-time
  • Payroll Data – get accurate payroll data ready for export
  • Holidays – Track and approve holiday requests, absence and more
  • Schedule workers – Set easy shifts filled by you and emailed to workers
  • Reports – Run reports by employee, department, or system-wide
  • Your pay rules – Automatic break deduction, overtime, rounding and grace
  • Multiple Pay Period options – Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly
  • Time Card Approvals – Quick and simple labour cost approval
  • Unlimited Departments – Separate and segment employees any way you like
  • And much more (you can view a quick uAttend demo, here)

Chronologic benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty on terminals
  • Free updates & features when released
  • Free set-up
  • Free UK-based support
  • Free system training – tailored to your needs
  • Free in-depth online help portal
  • No contract
  • No hidden fees
  • 99.999% cloud-based availability

As uAttend is a cloud-based system there is nothing to install on your desktop and you can access data anywhere 24/7, from any computer or internet-connected device.

Simply subscribe to the uAttend plan that best suit your needs and begin clocking today. There is no minimum contract term or hidden fees, meaning your business can start and stop uAttend as you please, or scale up and down plans if you have seasonal staff.

This is all self-managed simply through your uAttend online account.

Next steps

  1. Sign up for a uAttend online account and choose your pricing plan.
  2. You can start clocking employees via web, phone or smartphone as soon as you’ve signed up for an online account.
  3. If you’ve ordered a terminal, when it arrives (usually next working day), follow the simple set-up guide and start clocking.

Our friendly UK helpdesk is always on-hand to help, (part of your monthly subscription – not extra). And we’ll also book a free set-up session to make sure uAttend is working the way you want it to.

Pricing Plans

You subscribe to uAttend by paying a monthly subscription for the number of employees clocking in. There’s no tie-in period or contract. You can stop and start your uAttend subscription as projects stop and start, or scale pricing plans up or down if you have seasonal staff. This is all managed through your uAttend online account.

1 – 9 employees£ 14.99 (ex VAT) per month
10 – 19 employees£ 23.99 (ex VAT) per month
20 – 49 employees£ 49.99 (ex VAT) per month
50 – 99 employees£ 79.99 (ex VAT) per month
100+ employees£ 99.99 (ex VAT) per month

NB: Payment is monthly by debit or credit card.

Prices quoted are per group of employees not per employee.

Two clocking in terminal connections are included as part of your uAttend monthly subscription, further clocking terminal connections are charged at £10 each per month.