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Benefit from Hassle-Free Setup of our Machines, Complimentary System Training, and Continuous Support from our UK-Based Helpdesk

Choose from our exclusive range of uAttend time and attendance clocking in machines

Biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID for swipe cards and proximity fobs. We also offer a range of accessories including swipe cards, racks and proximity fobs for our clocking in machines.

uAttend attendance clocking systems are easy to use and simple to install, with easy set-up and an active uAttend Subscription allows you access to FREE system training and FREE ongoing support from our friendly UK based helpdesk. All our clocking terminals are backed by a lifetime warranty and require a subscription for our time and attendance software, specifically designed for the UK market.

RFID Proximity Clocking in Machine

Biometric Fingerprint
Clocking in Machines

  • Wired and Wi-Fi options
  • Offline clocking options
  • Break and Lunch clocking
  • PIN / RFID backup options
  • Plug ‘n’ play

£219 ex VAT

Biometric Facial Recognition Clocking in Machines

Biometric Facial Recognition Clocking in Machines

  • Fully touch-free voice control options
  • Reads facial templates / RFID / PIN
  • Temperature control options
  • Eased template management options
  • Department transfer

£289 – £329 ex VAT

RFID proximity clocking machine

RFID Proximity
Clocking in Machine

  • Reads RFID Card / Fob
  • Easy enrolment allows instant clocking
  • Offline clocking options
  • Backup PIN option
  • Verbal confirmation of clocking

£219 ex VAT

Fobs, Cards
& Accessories

Cards, Fobs
& Accessories

  • Instant clocking
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable for high churn companies
  • Printable for ID badges*
  • Convenient sizing – attachable

£24.75 – £319.75 ex VAT

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