Choose from our exclusive range of uAttend time and attendance clocking in terminals

Biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID for swipe cards and proximity fobs. We also offer a range of accessories including swipe cards, racks and proximity fobs.

uAttend attendance clocking systems are easy to use and simple to install, with easy set-up and an active uAttend Subscription allows you access to FREE system training and FREE ongoing support from our friendly UK based helpdesk. All our clocking terminals are backed by a lifetime warranty and require a subscription for our time and attendance software, specifically designed for the UK market.

We are 3D Secure compliant. You may be redirected, and asked to supply a code provided by your bank.

uAttend facial recognition clocking in terminals

Biometric Facial Recognition Clocking in Terminals


  • Fully touch-free voice control options
  • Reads facial templates / RFID / PIN
  • Temperature control options
  • Eased template management options
  • Department transfer

£229 - £329 ex VAT

uAttend biometric fingerprint terminals

Biometric Fingerprint
Clocking in Terminals


  • Wired and Wi-Fi options
  • Offline clocking options
  • Break and Lunch clocking
  • PIN / RFID backup options
  • Plug 'n' play

£149 - £219 ex VAT

RFID Proximity Terminals

RFID Proximity
Clocking in Terminal


  • Reads RFID Card / Fob
  • Request Time Off / View Last Clock
  • Perfect for contactless clocking
  • Clocking taking less than 1 second
  • Easy enrolment to allow clocking instantly

£189 ex VAT

uAttend Swipe Cards, Fobs & Racks

Cards, Fobs
& Accessories


  • Instant clocking
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable for high churn companies
  • Printable for ID badges*
  • Convenient sizing – attach to keys or store in a wallet

£24.75 - £319.75 ex VAT

uAttend for web, phone & smartphone

uAttend For Web, Phone & Smartphone


  • Free Android and iOS App
  • Geolocation with ringfencing
  • IP address tracking
  • View timecards and time off
  • Free phone numbers for Landline and Mobile**

£14.99 - £99.99 ex VAT

*Chronologic Ltd does not provide ID badge printing services
**Employee mobiles and Client landlines will not be charged. Your uAttend Account will be charged 3p ex VAT per clocking event, the landline owner will not be charged for these calls.